Opening back up

The dream team of Kristin Ebaben, Angela Albin and Jennifer Hett have been anxiously awaiting the reopening of Signatures, the shop they all work at that Ebaben owns in Marion. Signatures is just one of many hair and nail places in Marion County that re-opened last week.

All three shared that while it has been good to spend extra time with their children right now, many of whom are high schoolers, being out of work for so long has been stressful. And it has been depressing not seeing their clients.

However, many clients have been staying in touch with them.

“Most of them have been reaching out to ask if we are okay and letting us know they were thinking of us,” said Albin.

Ebaben added, “We received many cards and well wishes during the stay-at-home time.”

While not much has changed with the disinfecting because they have always had rigid disinfecting policies, the ladies report that things are very different in other aspects.

“We now have to wear masks all day. We have to ask our customers to wear masks as well,” said Hett.

Ebanen said, “We have to have our customers fill out a paper stating they haven’t traveled and the other questions for COVID-19 screening.”

While the women would rather not wear the masks, they understand the requirement for them.

“We would feel safe without having to wear masks, but we will do what our governor asks of us as long as we can stay open and work,” said Albin. “We are just glad to be back and see all the wonderful faces.”

All three are so excited to be back doing what they love.

“We are very thankful for all of our customers and that they are all very patient while we get them scheduled back in,” said Ebaben.

They are working on getting everyone scheduled back in right now. If you would like to get an appointment, you can call to schedule one at 620-382-2347. Ebaben and Albin do all things hair while Hett does manicures and pedicures. They also have a tanning bed.

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