Hillsboro FFA, 4-H member wins 2019 Junior Livestock show

(From left) Rickey Roberts, Sonya Roberts, Landon, and Judge Hayden Wilder, Rico (pig)Landon Roberts, member of Hillsboro FFA and South Cottonwood 4-H Club achieved a goal he has been driving for the past several years, winning the Kansas Junior Livestock Show. Landon exhibited at the KJLS on Sunday, September 29.

He showed one breeding gilt and two market hogs along with one breeding ewe and two market lambs.The sheep show was held on Saturday, and he did not get along as well as he had expected to after the results he had at the Kansas State Fair. “I was a little worried about how my hogs were going to do”, said Roberts. “I have been showing two of them most of the spring and summer and have fared pretty well.”

But, the one Landon had in his mind that was his best hog he had been special feeding for the past two weeks so that he would not weigh out.

“For the past two weeks, my market hog has been weighing between 300-305 and the maximum weight is 290 with a 12 pound weigh back,” said Roberts. “That pig ended up placing fourth in class.”

The pig that ended up surprising Landon and his family was his 232 pound light weight dark cross market hog.

“I have not shown him very much as his ending date is a couple of weeks where I plan to show him at the American Royal in Kansas City. I took “Rico” out in class and the judge gave me the nod to go weigh my pig and that means I had a shot at the top two. I ended up placing first in class. In the dark cross championship drive, I did not think I had a shot since I had the lightest weight pig but, I got the handshake from the judge,” said Roberts. “I was pretty excited and then thought, ‘well maybe I have a shot at Champion Overall’.

Roberts said that in the championship drive, he remembered the judge commenting on the mic that he liked his champion pig, and he liked him a lot”.

“Then he came out and shook my hand. To say he made my day, would be an understatement,” said Roberts.

Roberts is pretty excited about taking “Rico” to the American Royal, but also understands that show is a whole new level being a National Show and he will feel accomplished if they stand in the top four in their class.

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