Hillsboro hires Gilchrist as new city attorney

HILLSBORO—The City of Hillsboro recently hired a new city attorney: Kimberlyn Gilchrist with Triplett Woolf Garretson LLC of Wichita.

The Newman University graduate attended the University of Kansas School of Law and earned her Juris Doctorate degree in 2016. She began practicing law in April of 2017.

Gilchrist’s legal practice has focused on business law, with an emphasis in municipal law and finance, real estate, corporate law and contracts.

While attending law school, I developed an interest in property law and business law. As a result, I am happy to be able to focus my career path where my interests are,” she said.

Gilchrist said being an attorney has been a life goal since she was young.

In the legal profession, there is always the opportunity to be of service to those in need. I am thankful to be able to provide real and meaningful legal services to help people and communities solve problems on a daily basis,” she said.

With legal landscapes always changing, Gilchrist continued, “in addition to serving others, I enjoy the complexity and mentally stimulating work that the practice of law provides.”

As the city attorney, Gilchrist said her role “serves generally as a legal compliance officer for the city, legal advisor to the city council and, as directed and necessary, as an advocate for the city’s interest.”

She said the Hillsboro community got her attention to serve as attorney, because “Hillsboro is a community that honors local service, care and compassion for its citizens, and education. I am thrilled to have the opportunity to serve as Hillsboro’s city attorney.”

While Gilchrist is not located in Hillsboro, the law firm has a decades-long history working with the city as bond council for municipal projects and issues involving Hillsboro Community Hospital.

I am honored to work with the wonderful elected officials, staff and citizens of Hillsboro. I consider this engagement a matter of great trust. I look forward to serving the City of Hillsboro,” she said.

Gilchrist also sits as second chair for the City of Andover. The firm also has city attorneys representing Andover, Hesston, Kechi and Mulvane. Triplett Woolf Garretson is also counsel to the Kansas Power Pool