Senior Scribbles (Week of March 1, 2017)


March is here and there’s a lot going on at your center.

Chair massages are Wednesday, March 1. In addition, Ash Wednesday is the first day of Lent, a season of fasting and prayer.

Bingo is planned after lunch every Wednesday, too.

On Fridays during lunch, Esther Funk will play piano music for us. It’s a great way to enjoy a meal. We have games and fellowship every Monday, and hope others will join us for one or more activities at the center.

Footcare is the first Tuesday in the morning and the third Wednesday of each month in the afternoons. If interested, call us to make an appointment.

Jean and Arnie Boyd of Abilene are here Monday, March 6.

We want to thank everyone for supporting our center, and please keep those do­na­tions coming.

It helps us keep your center open. Volunteers are needed. If someone can help, please let us know. Anyone who volunteers will also get their meal free the day they’re working.

The suggested donation for meals is $3.50 for age 60 and older, and $5.25 for age 59 and younger. It’s still a great price for a hot meal.

For more information, call 620-947-2304, or stop by 212 N. Main St., Hillsboro.

— Brenda Moss, director

Wednesday, March 1

Steak soup, black eyed pea salad, banana, cornbread, milk.


Chicken fajita casserole, pinto beans, Spanish rice, fresh fruit, brownie, milk.

FRIDAY, March 3

Salmon patty or chicken patty, hash brown casserole, green beans, pineapple, oatmeal cookie, roll, milk.

Monday, March 6

Baked ham, scalloped potatoes, green beans, pea salad, Mandarin oranges, roll, milk.

Tuesday, March 7

Sweet & sour chicken, rice, vegetables, carrots, pineapple tidbits, peanut butter cookie, roll, milk.

Wednesday, March 8

Cavatini, spinach salad, tomato slices, lima beans, sliced oranges, garlic bread, milk.


We’ve been celebrating birthdays galore, and those who are celebrating bring us treats.

We’ve also enjoyed a week with awesome artwork on display.

We had a good efficient crew handling commodities on Feb. 15. Bringing boxes in were Bill Kaempfe, Gene Winkler and Andy Ash.

Preparing boxes for distribution were Sue Clough, Vickie Kaempfe and Kathy Beeton.

The winner of the penny jar guessing game was Jerry Higgins.

Our program on Feb. 16 was given by Sara Carter of Angels Care Home Health. She spoke about heart disease.

Jerry Kline brought cookies, which were baked by his wife, Norma, as birthday treats on Feb. 17. Evelyn Obermeyer brought her birthday treats on Feb. 20. Madonna Schafers talked about the Bluestem Art Guild on Feb. 22. Members had previously set up an art display for us to enjoy.

Come join us on March 8. The musical program will be provided by pianist Wanda Williams.

Marion County Demo­crats will meet at 9:30 a.m. Saturday, March 4, at Valley United Methodist Church (go in the east en­trance and down the steps).

Precinct people and all interested Democrats are encouraged to attend.

Meals are $3.50 for those age 60 and older, and $5.25 for age 59 and younger.

For more information about reservations or volunteering, call 620-382-2942 or stop by 309 S. Third St.

— Janet Bryant, director


Fish/baked ham, macaroni & cheese, green beans, pineapple tidbits, whole wheat rolls, milk.


Smothered pork cutlet, baked sweet potatoes, broccoli & cauliflower, applesauce, oatmeal cake, whole wheat rolls, milk.

FRIDAY, March 3

Oven-baked fish, oven-roasted potatoes, mixed vegetables, blueberry cobbler, whole wheat roll, milk.

MONDAY, March 6

Beef stew, pickled beets, fruit cocktail, biscuits, cookie, milk.

TUESDAY, March 7

Orange chicken, beets, tossed salad, cinnamon apples, mashed potatoes, gravy, muffin, milk.


Pork roast, baked sweet potatoes, spinach, pears, whole wheat rolls, milk.


It’s already the end of February, and the months are sure going fast.

It was a really good month, though. My jonquils are in full bloom and other flowers are showing buds, but don’t they know they are daring the March storms to roll in?

We had Renae Riedy, Marion County extension agent, here Feb. 28, and we are planning activities for March.

On March 1, Ash Wednes­day starts our Lent program. We will have a pastor here each Wednesday through the month of March and the first Wednesday of April.

The center is hosting two more programs with Renae Riedy on enhancing aging, which finishes the series.

These programs provide information important to us, and we appreciate the time she has put into it. Thank you, Re­nae.

Our birthday dinner is Thursday, March 9, featuring Sonja Koslowsky playing the piano and Gayla Ratzlaff, Marion County Department on Aging coordinator, giving a program on the services that are available to seniors who live in the county.

We are going to have some surprises for our diners during the month. I’ll let you know later—after all it’s a surprise.

We will still have our chair massages and dinner with Randolph Whitely, Peabody medical physician.

Our March calendar is available to pick up so please come in, have a cup of coffee and stay with us for a meal. You are always welcome. Remember, we do deliver meals Monday through Friday, and we can even pick you up so you can dine with us. We would love to see you.

Meals are $3.50 for age 60 and older, and $5.25 for age 59 and younger.

For more information about the center, or to make meal reservations, call 620-983-2226. And, for those who can’t come in, call and we will deliver.

Blessing to all and praying you have a great day.

— Lou Ann Bowlin,

site manager

Wednesday, March 1

Smothered chicken breast, potatoes, vegetable, blueberry muffin, wheat bread, milk.


Hot beef sandwich, vegetable, fruit, milk.

FRIDAY, March 3

Bierocks casserole, vegetable, fruit & cookie, milk.

Monday, March 6

Mexican casserole, corn, fruit, milk.

Tuesday, March 7

Chili w/crackers, cinnamon roll, fruit, milk.

Wednesday, March 8

Egg, sausage, hashbrown bake, vegetable, fruit, wheat bread, milk.