Senior Scribbles (2-13-19)

HILLSBORO senior center

This week we will have donimos on Monday and Wednesday after the noon meal.

Our Jammm session in on Thursday.

Lisa Schafer will share affordable options to address health and wellness as well as an opportunity to support the senior center at 12:30 p.m. on Thursday.

We hope you can join us soon at the senior center.

Thank you everyone for your support to our center. We only run off donations so we need them to keep our center going strong.

You can invite a friend, neighbor, etc to come try our center out.

We also have meal tickets you can purchase which make a great gift for Valentines day. We offer meals on wheels, pick ups, etc. The suggested donation for meals is 60 and over $3.50 and anyone younger then 60 is $5.25.

We also have some arrangements from Timeless Fixtation for sale at our senior center. Stop by to look at them.

We hope everyone has a blessed week.

—Brenda Moss, director


Chicken tenders, french fries, broccoli, fruit, cinnamon rolls, milk


Meatballs, mashed potatoes with gravy, corn, fruit, special dessert, roll, milk

FRIDAY, Feb. 15

Sweet and sour chicken, fried rice, oriental veggies, fruit, biscuits, milk

MONDAY, Feb. 18

Chicken noodle soup, tossed salad, crackers, fruit, biscuits, milk

TUESDAY, Feb. 19

Beef roast, mashed potatoes with gravy, green beans, fruit, jello cake, bread, milk


Breakfast, burrito, hashbrowns, tomato wedges, fruit, milk

Marion senior center

We were closed for two days due to the weather related local school closing. A reminder to check your tv for closings so you don’t wonder where your meals on wheels are or why we don’t answer when you call.

A big thank you to the county for spreading the sand on our parking lot on Friday, Feb. 8. It made it safer for those coming in and for those delivering meals.

Another big thank you to Gary Klein who put salt on our sidewalks and in front of our door.

Bea Kelsey brought treats for her birthday on Feb. 1.

Max Ewert read cowboy poetry for us on Feb. 4. He likes to share bits of poetry, some of which he composed.

We welcomed the lunch bunch on Feb. 5. They always request lasagna for lunch.

Come join us on Feb. 13 for a musical program by Sue Clough and Keith Allison. They will get us in the mood for Valentine’s Day on Feb. 14. Wear red!

— Janet Bryant, director


Chicken enchiladas, refried beans, tossed salad, fruit


Pork roast, baked potato, spinach, rosey applesauce

FRIDAY, Feb. 15

Chili, crackers, cole slaw, peaches, cinnamon roll

MONDAY, Feb. 18

Beef patty with onions, baked french fries, vegetable or copper penny salad, peanut butter cookies, wheat roll

TUESDAY, Feb. 19

Beef stewwith crackers, pickled beets, fruit cocktail, bisquit


Oven-fried chicken, mashed potatoes with gravy, green beans, strawberries with shortcake and whipped topping, wheat roll

Peabody senior center

Hope you made it through this last storm. It took a few days to get rid of the ice, but it looks like a great week coming up.

We had to cancel our therapy exercise calss, but we will do another one on Feb. 20.

Our birthday dinner will be on Feb. 13. Rachel Gfellar will do chair massages. Dr. Whitely will be here. Sonja Koslowsky will play piano. Peabody Health and Rehab will also be here to do blood pressures.

Happy Valentines Day on Thursday, Feb. 14. Dave Miller (Angels) will be here to do blood pressure readings.

We will be lcosed on Monday, Feb. 18 for President’s Dau. No mels will be served or delivered.

Don’t forget if our school is closed, our center is closed as well.

Stop by and stay for a spell. Meals are only $3.50 for 60 and over and $5.25 for 59 and under. Be sure to call and make a reservation.

Take advantage of our Meals on Wheels program. Please call 620-983-2226 for information.

Enjoy the sunshine. Hope you have a great Valentines Day.

— Lou Ann Bowlin,

site manager


Baked chicken, mashed potatoes with gravy, green beans, fruit, cake, wheat roll, milk


Beefy pepper bake, vegetable, fruit, wheat bread, milk

FRIDAY, Feb. 15

Hamburger vegetable soup, corn bread, fruit, milk

MONDAY, Feb. 18


TUESDAY, Feb. 19

Chili with crackers, cinnamon roll, fruit, milk


Hot beef sandwich with mashed potatoes & gravy, vegetable, fruit, milk