Public records, June 3, 2015



Todd Michael Beneke, hearing, 8 a.m. July 15.

Xavier Michael Calahan, sentencing, 11 a.m June 10.

Gerry Donelson, status hearing, 10 a.m. June 10.

Edgar Gilberto Gonzalez Jr., second appearance, 1:15 p.m. June 22.

Richard D. Hill, status hearing, 9:45 a.m. June 15.

Walter H. Patterson, hearing, 10:30 a.m. June 15.

May 26, James Wullenweber, journal entry of restitution hearing. The court ordered the defendant to pay restitution in the amount of $997.89 to Hillsboro Community Hospital patient account No. 20043178.

May 26, Hartney Eugene Hum?mer Jr., journal entry of sentencing. The court sentenced the defendant to a controlling sentence of 60 days in the custody of the Marion County sheriff. The court placed the defendant on supervised probation with Court Services for 12 months, subject to all standard terms and conditions, and the following special conditions: the court ordered the probation can be converted to unsupervised after six months if all fees are paid in full and the defendant is in good standing. The defendant was ordered to pay court costs and surcharge of $158, a probation fee of $60, a booking fee of $45, a fine of $100 and court-appointed-attorney fees as determined by the court. The court ordered the defendant to serve 48 hours in the county jail for every positive drug/alcohol test, refusal to submit, or admission of usage. The defendant was ordered to refrain from the use of alcohol or drugs, and submit to a blood, breath or urine test upon request of a Court Services officer of law enforcement officer. The court ordered the defendant to obey all federal, state and city laws and ordinances.

May 26, Jessy Dean Thouvenell, order of dismissal.

May 26, Jessy Dean Thouvenell, journal entry of conviction and sentencing. The court found the defendant guilty of violation of a protective order and sentenced the defendant to six months in the Marion County Jail, underlying sentence, and 12 months probation with Court Services, with all standard conditions. The court ordered the sentence and probation to be consecutive with his other Marion County case. The court ordered court costs of $158 and attorney fees as vouchered by his counsel. The court is allowing the defendant to see a probation officer in Morris County and ordered the defendant to report one time to Jo Olsen, Court Services officer in Marion County, to set this up. The defendant was ordered to have no contact with the victim other than necessary contact regarding children. Any contact is to be by email or text only.


Bonnie Kay Shaw vs. Gerald Michael Shaw, hearing at 8 a.m. June 17.

Robert Eugene Wilson, petitioner vs. Shannon Breon Parham, respondent, contested hearing at 1:15 p.m. July 6.

April 23, Department for Child?ren and Families vs. Devorah M. Hilliard, petition for support.

May 27, Valerie A. Dirks, petitioner vs. Shelby L. Dirks, respondent, journal entry terminating child support.

May 27, Daniel Vernon Catlin II vs. Tonia Lisa Lewis, decree of divorce.


May 27, in the matter of the estate of JoAnn Kay Wall, appointment and acceptance of agent by non-resident executor.


Nov. 27, 2014, John Carl Her?nandez, driving under the influence of drugs/alcohol; first conviction, $903 fines and fees.

Nov. 27, 2014, John Carl Her?nan?dez, driving while suspended; first conviction, $250 fines and fees.

March 6, Darrell D. Biggs Jr., unsafe turning or stopping; failure to give proper signal, $183 fines and fees.

May 20, Daniels R. Hawkins, failure to wear seat belt, $10 fines and fees.

May 22, Kayla Marie Love, speed, $183 fines and fees.

May 25, Justin Kendall Powell, speed, $171 fines and fees.

Fish and game

April 5, Jesse A. Oden, fishing licenses required, $258 fines and fees.

Marriage licenses

Kelly Shaft, Marion; Julie Crayton, Marion.


May 22, Key Convenience, LLC, to Heath Shields, WD, lots 7-21 and part of Lot 22, Block 2, Original Town, Lincolnville.

May 22, Reginald V. Matz to Ellynne S. Wiebe, co-trustee, and Jon C. Wiebe, co-trustee, WD, Lot 1, Block 1, County Clerk?s First Addition, Hillsboro.

May 22, Renee Livingston-Law?son to David M. Ellis, husband, and Shannon M. Ellis, wife, WD, Lot 10 and N20? of Lot 11, Block 4, Beebe?s Addition, Hillsboro.

May 22, Hillsboro Hardware Inc. to James C. Baker Revocable Trust, WD, Lot 16, Block 1, Original Town, Hillsboro.

May 22, Matthew Keesling and Tish Keesling to Linda Zeiner and John Zeiner, QCD, part of SE4 15-17-4.

May 22, Unified School District 408 to Kenneth R. Rindt, husband, and Bonnie J. Rindt, wife, QCD, W72.07? of the N110.95? in Block 37, Original Town, Florence.

May 26, Linferd P. Funk, trus?tee, and Delores R. funk, trustee. to L. Funk Farms, LLC, TRD, Tract 1: W2 SW4 29-29-3 with exception; Tract 2: W2 SE4 30-19-3 with exception; Tract 3: part of NW4 32-19-3; Tract 4: E2 N2 NE4 32-19-3; Tract 5: W2 N2 NE4 32-19-3; Tract 6: N2 SW4 4-20-3; Tract 7: NE4 6-20-3; Tract 8: part of N2 SW4 8-20-3; Tract 9: part of N2 SW4 8-20-3; Tract 10: part of SW4 8-20-3; Tract 11: W2 NW4 8-20-3; Tract 12: S15′ of the W500′ of E2 NW4 8-20-3; Tract 13: SE4 9-20-3; Tract 14: N2 NW4 16-20-3; Tract 15: SW4 17-20-3 with exception; Tract 16: E2 SE4 19-20-3 with exception; Tract 17: W2 SE4 19-20-3.

May 26, Linferd P. Funk, husband, and Delores R. Funk, wife, to Linferd P. Funk, trustee, and Delores R. Funk, trustee, QCD, part N2 SW4 8-20-3.

May 26, Martha Fisher to Dale E. Weber and Mashawn A. Weber, QCD, lots 2, 4, 6, 8 and 10, Block 40, Original town, Florence.

May 26, Jason T. Klanderud, husband, and Jessica D. Klanderud, wife, and Renee L. Black, wife, and Gary E. Black, husband, to Jason T. Klanderud, husband, and Jessica D. Klanderud, wife, WD, Lot 4, Block 1, County Clerk?s 3rd Hillsboro plat, Hillsboro,

May 26, Gerry Roberts, husband, and Tracey Roberts, wife, to Connor J. Nightingale and Kaylee J. M. Kasper, WD, all of Lot 9 and S10? of Lot 10, Block 3, Excelsior Addition and N60? of Lot 10, Block 3, Excelsior Addition, Goessel.

May 27, Lenora L. Graham Revocable Trust, by trustee, to Geregory T. Graham, D, part W2 SW4 6-21-5.

May 28, sheriff of Marion County to Midway Forest, LLC, SHERIF, part Lot 1, Block 1, County Clerk?s Fourth, Hillsboro; part N2 NW4 34-19-2.

May 28, Foley Family Revocable Trust to Gary Welty and Dayla D. Nelson, TRD, lots 25-29, Block 19, Fairview Addition, Florence.

May 28, Fannie May, by power of attorney, also known as Federal National Mortgage Association, by power of attorney, to Alan C. Schwarz, husband, and Amy L. Schwarz, wife, WD, Lot 2, Block 5, County Clerk?s Eighth, Hillsboro.

May 28, Alan C. Schwarz, husband, and Amy L. Schwarz, wife, to Amy L. Schwarz, trustee, and Alan C. Schwarz, trustee, WD, Lot 2, Block 5, County Clerk?s Eighth, Hillsboro.


Daily log, May 17-31

May 17: Registered bicycles at the police department. Tabor reported missing a welcome sign. Parking complaint in the 100 block of South Birch. Reckless driver complaint at B and Ash streets; part of a verbal domestic disturbance in the 100 block of North Jefferson.

May 18: Checked suspicious activity at the Scout House at Memorial Park. Officers attended municipal court. Report of a sick cat in the 600 block of South Main. Minor traffic accident in the 300 block of S. Adams

May 19: Vandalism report at Tabor College. Report of someone entering a shed and moving golf carts around at Tabor College; may also be missing a decorative stone. Tabor College reported that someone had switched parking signs around in the 500 block of East C Street. Found a missing dog and returned it to owner.

May 20: Assisted Kingman Police Department with an investigation. Noise complaint in the 300 block of South Birch. Assisted Kansas Department of Children and Family with an investigation. Officers attended safety training at city hall. Report of a suicidal subject in the 300 block of North Main; the subject was transported to the hospital.

May 21: Noise complaint in the 100 block of South Birch. Theft complaint in the 300 block of South Birch; subject reported a neighbor removed cement blocks from his yard without asking. Camper hook up in Memorial Park. Fingerprinted subject for employment. Child custody dispute in the 400 block of North Ash. Officer provided security for baseball games. Assisted DCF with an investigation. Domestic disturbance in the 500 block of East A Street; verbal only. Park curfew violation in Memorial Park.

May 22: Officer completed physical agility testing in Wichita. Removed debris from roadway in the 300 block of South Washington. Officers completed CPR certification Officers responded to a call of a confused subject walking on D Street; subject was suffering from a severe case of dementia; subject was from California and here for college granddaughter?s graduation; subject was transported to the hospital.

May 23: Assisted with a cross country run at Hillsboro High School. Protection from Abuse order violation in the 300 block of East First Street. Checked a suspicious person in Memorial Park. Funeral escort. Neighbor dispute in the 300 block of South Birch. Report of a suspicious person in the 300 block of N. Main. Curfew violation at Lincoln and D streets.

May 24: No reports.

May 25: Assisted with Memorial Day service at Memorial Park. Fingerprinted citizen for employment. Traffic enforcement; speeding. Investigated suspicious person in the 300 block of North Washington.

May 26: Assisted the Marion County Sheriff?s office with injury accident west of town. Investigated a hit-and-run accident in the WalMart parking lot. Fingerprinted citizen for employment. Interviewed resident reference several cold cases.

May 27: Traffic enforcement; speeding. Traffic enforcement; driving while suspended. Dog complaint. Complaint of radio controlled Drone flying downtown. Met with parents about using electric scooters on the streets. Investigated suspicious activity in the 300 block of South Date Street.

May 28: Traffic enforcement; failure to maintain lane of traffic. Traffic enforcement; seatbelt. Welfare check in the 400 block of South Ash. Completed racial biased policing awareness class. Investigated vehicle noise complaint in the 200 block of S. Birch. Motorist assist.

May 29: Funeral escort. Motorist assist. Investigated fight in progress call; 400 block of South Ash Street. Animal control duty; sick cat. Court in city of McPherson.

May 30: No reports.

May 31: Building search of store left unlocked on Main Street.