Odds ‘N Ends in Hillsboro celebrates 30th birthday

Odds ‘N Ends, a shop located on Main Street in Hillsboro, recently celebrated their 30th anniversary and has plans to continue operating for more years to come.

The house the shop is located in was originally a medical clinic belonging to two doctors including Ens’ father-in-law.

“It was the Eitzen and Ens clinic. Dr. Eitzen was one of the pioneer doctors in Hillsboro and Marion County. He was a really good surgeon. And then Dr. Pete Ens came into town and joined him at the clinic,” said Ens.

She explained that back then, many of the Mennonites around spoke in a Low-German dialect that caused them to say Ahdz rather than Eitzen thus the clinic was often referred to as Drs. Odds and Ens.

When Ens opened her shop in the building as a consignment store, she decided to go with the name Odds ‘N Ends to pay tribute to the clinic and her father-in-law.

The business remained a consignment store for several years and then it gradually shifted into more of a gift boutique.

“You have to move with the times. The crafts were so popular when we started and no one had anywhere to sell them outside of the Arts and Crafts Fair so we provided a place here where they could sell them on consignment. And then we evolved and sold different things as things became popular,” said Ens.

Today, the store sells new items.

“We’ve got a little bit of everything. Home décor is always good so we have that. The different rooms are kind of themed from the room in the back with Willow Tree items, a kitchen area with higher-end mixing bowls and gourmet food and drinks with coffees and teas, one with cards and Lane calendars, a baby section with blankets and infant jewelry and more. We even have some guy stuff because my husband Stan goes with me to market to pick out items,” said Ens.

The shop also has diffusers and a section of Christian bookstore products such a devotionals.

“We wanted to fill that niche since Thee Bookstore closed a few years ago. We are trying to be here to fill a need for the community and be a blessing to everyone,” said Ens. “And I love to get gifts and even more to give them, so I wanted to provide a place for people to find that perfect gift they are looking for.”

One of the benefits of the shop is that there are unique items that can’t be found at your typical department and big box stores. And the merchandise is frequently changing so customers never know what they will find.

“If I know certain stores have it, I won’t get it. When I go to market I look around for different types of items that I’ve never seen before,” said Ens.

While Ens is the one who is in charge, her husband and four kids have always helped out. Ens said it was a nice business to have while the kids were young so she could have them there with her.

“And now I often get to spend time with them when they come to help me out here. It’s great to be able to do it together,” said Ens. “And my husband Stan has been so supportive and helps me out. I couldn’t do it without him.”

Ens values her customers and credits them for the 30 years of success. She even sends out emails with special deals for her customers.

“If people want to know what is going on, they can check out our Facebook page and look for our flyers in our windows, but the best way to know what is happening is to sign up for our emails. They can just come into the shop and do that anytime,” said Ens.

The shop is located at 209 S. Main Street (south of the Ford dealership) and is open weekdays from 10 a.m.-6 p.m. and Saturday from 9 a.m.-5 p.m. They are closed on Sunday.

The shop also carries seasonal items and helium balloons making it a great place to find holiday and special events gifts. And with the constant changing of items, you never know what perfect gift you might be able to snag for that special someone in your life.

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