MHS to perform Freaky Friday the Musical

MHS students perform Freaky Friday the Musical on March 10 and 11 at the Performing Arts Center. Tickets are available at the County Seat Decorating Center in Marion.

Marion High School performed the more classical musical Singing In The Rain last fall, which had an emphasis on dance and vocal technique. This spring, Freaky Friday was chosen as a contrast piece that is set to be modern-day. The draw to this musical is the energy and the array of interesting characters. “Because the cast has been highly motivated and very energetic, it has been a very enjoyable process. The students have shown tremendous growth over the last musicals which has been evident in their approach to this musical. The cast had the musical memorized and songs learned, for the most part, a month before opening the show,” said Director Ruth Springer. “Because of this drive and their natural energy they have been able to focus on expression and interaction on stage. This show is definitely going to make the audience laugh. It is hard to make it through scenes in rehearsals without laughter taking place.”

The leads are Alyera Koehn and Sadie Lange. In addition to the high school cast there are 15 middle school students playing wedding guests and wait staff.


Katherine: Alyera Koehn, Ellie: Sadie Lange, Mike: Quade Williams, Fletcher: Jordy Raymer, Savannah: Shaliah Ensley, Adam: Hayden Mendoza, Jaxon Salsbury: Biology Teacher, Pastor and Photographer, Lexi Branson: Gym teacher, school counselor, Sara Groening: Torrey, Epiphany Spence: Gretchen, Madison Arocha: Hannah, Miriam Mason: Parker, Maria Carlson: Wells, Kayla McPhail: Laurel, Gabrielle Stuchlik: Danielle, Kattie Stultz: Grandma, English Teacher, Keenan Lange: Officer Sitz, Harrison Beery: Officer Kowalski, Olivia Smith: Mrs. Time, Grandpa: Jimmer Raymer, Senora O’Brian: Alexandra Carlson

Freaky Friday the Musical is at 7 p.m. on March 10 and 11 at the Performing Arts Center. Tickets are sold at The County Seat Decorating Center in downtown Marion.

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