Marion 4-H Club met on Jan. 2

The Marion 4-H Club celebrated its 80th anniversary on Jan. 2

The Happy Hustler 4-H Club celebrated its 80th Anniversary at its meeting on Jan. 2. The Charter for the club was signed on Nov. 1942. The group celebrated by singing happy birthday to the club, taking a club photo with the Charter and enjoying cupcakes and Kool-Aid.

The January meeting of the club was called to order by President Rylee Thomas. The flag salute was led by Evelyn Baxa and the 4-H Pledge was led by Eli Groening. Roll call was “Name your favorite movie or TV show” and was answered by 17 members, five leaders, and five parents.

The Clover bud members were dismissed to their activity with Leader Tina Groening.

The December minutes were read by Shelby Summervill. Noah Schmidt told the club that the next council meeting will be held on Jan. 15. Noah Schmidt also gave the Treasurer’s report. He reminded club members to please pay their $5 dues if they haven’t already done so. Shelby Summervill reported that the December minutes had been sent to the newspapers.

Amy Summervill gave the Community Leader’s report. Please pick up a program book if your family doesn’t already have one. She also reminded families of two upcoming events: Chisholm Trail District 4-H Day on Feb. 11 and the 4-H Basketball Tournament on March 11. More information on both events can be found in the newsletter.

During committee reports, Amy Summervill thanked everyone that brought Chapstick to donate to Marion Elementary School.

For the program, Rylee Thomas gave a demonstration on the paper art of quilling. She demonstrated how to make a duck.

Recreation Leaders Trent Summervill & Clayton Thomas had each member guess how many Legos were in a jar for recreation.

Song Leader Eli Groening led the club in singing Happy Birthday to January Birthdays and to the club for Music Appreciation.

Refreshments were served by the Salsbury and Summervill families. The next meeting will be held at 7 p.m. on Monday, Feb at the Marion County Lake Hall.

Shelby Summervill, Reporter

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