Marion 4-H Club met in December

The December meeting of the Happy Hustlers 4-H Club was held on Tuesday, Dec 20.

Club families went Christmas Caroling to St. Luke’s Living Center and Marion Assisted Living. Each location was presented a fruit basket from the club.

After caroling, the families met at the Marion County Lake Hall to conduct the meeting. The meeting was called to order by President Rylee Thomas. The flag salute was led by Addie Edmundson and the 4-H Pledge was led by Clayton Thomas. Roll call was “My Favorite Christmas Song” and was answered by 25 members, six leaders, eight parents and two guests.

The Clover bud members were dismissed to their activity with Leader Tina Groening.

The November minutes were read by Shelby Summervill and were approved as read. Treasurer Noah Schmidt gave the Treasurer’s report and Shelby Summervill gave the Reporter’s report.

Amy Summervill gave the Community Leader’s report. Congratulations to all the members receiving awards at the Achievement Banquet. There will be a 4-H Basketball Tournament in Chapman on March 11.

Chisholm Trail District Club Day will be on Feb. 11 at Centre. There are more details available in the newsletter.

During committee reports, Eileen Schmidt reported that the Krispy Kreme donut fundraiser went very well.

In New Business, the club discussed donating Chapstick to Marion Elementary School again this year. Clayton Thomas moved that everyone bring Chapstick to the meeting next month and donate it to the school. Eli Groening seconded the motion and it passed.

Rylee Thomas then explained the new Marion County 4-H Council Sponsorship Drive. She asked that each family pick two businesses to distribute a brochure to.

Song Leader Eli Groening led the club in singing Happy Birthday to December birthdays for Music Appreciation. Recreation Leaders Clayton Thomas and Trent Summervill led the members in a paper airplane activity for Recreation.

The members then held their Christmas Gift Exchange with leader Joel Thomas reading the Left/Right Christmas Game.

Volunteers helped to assemble the cookie plates for 4-H supporters with the cookies that each family brought to the meeting.

Refreshments were served by the Jones and Smith families. The next meeting was at 7 p.m. on Monday, Jan. 2 at the Marion County Lake Hall.

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