Local girl donates deer meat to food bank

Not many eight-year-old girls go deer hunting and get a deer, let alone with a crossbow. Peabody’s Hannah Winter not only got a big buck, but she did something very generous with the over 50 pounds of meat she got from it.

On Nov. 5 Hannah and her mom Rachel were out with her crossbow when a nice buck walked out and Hannah shot him.

“That night as we were cleaning him, we started talking about what we were going to do with him. Hannah spoke up and told us that she wanted to donate his meat to the food bank. She’s always been the type to notice the world around her and think of others, so we weren’t surprised by her request. We took him to Peabody Sausage House for processing and then met with Deb Winsor this week to deliver the meat,” said mom Rachel.

Hannah’s been going hunting with her parents and brothers for years, but this is her first year hunting for herself. There is a large archery deer hunting community in the area and Hannah has been part of it her whole life.

“It was amazing that my first deer was a buck and I was so excited. I wanted to donate the meat because I thought some people don’t have the same food that I have so I wanted to donate it to the Peabody Food Bank. I wanted to help so that they could have food, too. It made me feel good to show up at the food bank with the meat because the food bank freezer was empty and that means they didn’t have any meat to give people who needed it,” said Hannah.

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