HHS government class offer proposals for improvements in Hillsboro

Katie Rempel. Karley Loewen and Keeley Brewer gave their presentation to the Hillsboro City Council for adding crosswalk lines and signage to improve safety at the intersection of Jefferson and Grand on Thursday, March 2.

The Hillsboro City Council met for a special meeting on Thursday, March 2 to hear from senior students in the Hillsboro High School government class regarding improvement proposals for the town.

Katie Rempel. Karley Loewen and Keeley Brewer presented a proposal for adding crosswalk lines and signage to improve safety at the intersection of Jefferson and Grand Ave. The group explained how dangerous the spot is and how many students and staff don’t feel safe crossing the street at that location.

The group suggested adding crosswalk lines and signage at the intersection and removing a parking spot on Grand in front of the school at the corner to make room for the crosswalk. They also suggested adding parallel parking lines along the west side of Jefferson. Together those steps will help make the spot safer for everyone.

They spoke with Hillsboro Street Supervisor Dale Dalke who helped them with cost estimates. For the paint, labor, signage, sign post and a few other supplies, the total would be $3,020.

“Katie, Karley and Keeley rocked their Community Improvement Proposal. Improved safety coming to the intersection of Jefferson and Grand Avenues,” said HHS teacher Darrel Knoll. “Proud of these students. Thank you, Hillsboro City Council, for approving their proposal.”

The council also heard from another group of students regarding installing crossing lights at the Tabor crossing on D Street near Ampride.

The group, consisting of Deon Weeks, Joshua Diener, Josh Siebert, Chris Bibbins and Wenxi Funk proposed a Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacon (RRFB) as they have been found to provide vehicle yielding rates between 72% and 96% for crosswalk applications. The estimated cost would be $50,000, but the group informed the council that it would all be paid for with funding through Safe Street and Roads for All and the U.S. Department of Transportation.

“They put together an excellent proposal to make the Tabor Crosswalks on D Street safer, and the Hillsboro City Council approved moving forward with the idea,” said Knoll. “Proud of these guys for the work they did and for the great job they did presenting it.”

Knoll also mentioned the Paint the Town mural proposal for the bowling alley building that was presented last semester by a group from the same class. He said the group will be receiving a check on Wednesday, March 8 from the Community Foundation to proceed with their project.

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