Goessel 4-H has their monthly meeting

he Monthly Meeting of the Goessel Goal Getters 4-H Club met at 7 PM on March 1 at the Goessel High School Library. The flag salute was led by Madeline Olsen and the birthday song was led by Levi Funk.

Roll call was “What is your favorite pizza topping?” and was answered by six leaders, five parents, one guest, and 22 members for a total of 34 people present. Recreation was led by Dakota Gibson. There were 3 project talks. The first one was by Claire Claassen, the second one was by Grace Meier, and the third was by Amily Boden.

Next month’s meeting will be at 7 PM on April 5 at the Goessel High School Library. Roll call will be “What is your shoe size?”

-Nivea Funk, Reporter


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