Simple car-care tips for gals on a budget


For car owners today, there are simple things anyone can do to help maintain their car.

For many of the 49.7 million single women in the United States, car care can be a pain. Owning a car comes with a lot of responsibility and it?s sometimes hard to know what needs a mechanic?s attention.

For a gal on a budget, calling an auto repair shop for everything just isn?t an option. Lucky for car owners today, there are simple things anyone can do to help maintain their car.

Did you know it?s recommended that drivers change their wiper blades every six months to help prevent streaking and maintain a clear view through the windshield?

Wiper blades are easy and affordable to fix on your own. Simply know your car?s make and model and visit a local auto store to find a match. Some blades even come with easy snap-on connectors.

Perhaps even easier than changing your own wiper blades is replacing your windshield wash fluid. It?s important to keep the container filled, because you never know when you?ll return to a car to find dusty windows.

In the summer, it?s a good idea to use a wash that includes a dissolvent to get the extra grime and bugs off, and a rain-off ingredient that puts a ?wax? layer over the windshield with each swipe to help repel the rain.

Regardless if it?s inside or outside, keeping windows clean can really be a challenge. With all the washes available on the market, it?s hard to know what will actually work.

When cleaning the inside of windows, one trick no matter what wash is used, is to have an excellent rag. Microfiber windshield and glass cloths are lint-free, making it ideal for those hard-to-clean inside windows.

Why spend extra effort wiping away streaks when the proper cloth can do it all in a couple quick swipes?

In addition to do-it-yourself car care, there are also less expensive gadgets you can keep in the car to prevent accidents and a call to 911.

Every year, thousands of children suffer from injuries caused by back-over related accidents. A back-up camera is a great way to ensure a full view of those hard-to-see spots, prevent harm to others and possibly prevent expensive damages to your vehicle. Some can even be wirelessly connected for easy installation,

Another great way to save money on unnecessary vehicle expenses, such as calling a tow truck for a jump, is to be prepared for an emergency.

Gone are the days of keeping bulky jumper cables and emergency kits in the trunk to feel safe. Now, drivers can have the power of a boost right in their glove box with a PEAK Car-to-Car Charger.

This small device, which fits in the palm of your hand, can successfully jump a car without even opening the hood. Done by connecting two cars through their cigarette lighters or accessory outlets with a cable for side-by-side, or tandem parked vehicles, an LED indicator light tells the user when the vehicle is charged and ready to start.

No matter what your skill level, taking control over your car?s care is possible and affordable. In fact, doing things yourself can actually save you money.

For more information and ideas of things you can do, visit or stop by your local automotive store.

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