Newton man sparked ‘Faces on the Wall’ exhibit


The Faces on the Wall exhibit, initiated by Trevor Foreman of Newton, was at the Marion Public Library during November.

The son of a Vietnam veteran created a Web site in June 2001 as a way to connect with his dad and offer closure to relatives who lost a loved one.

Now, more than seven years later, Trevor Foreman of Newton said the Web site has taken on a life of its own and he?s privileged to be a part of it.

?My dad doesn?t know much about computers, so I was excited about helping come up with the name?,? Foreman said.

But when he called to tell his father about the site, Foreman said the response was unexpected.

?Good, now what?? his father asked him.

Foreman said he wasn?t sure what the next step would be either.

?I thought a Web site would be a neat tribute,? he said.

Prior to adding the Web site, Foreman said his father and a friend, Steve Breeding of Concordia, started with photos of five soldiers who died in Vietnam.

Steve?s cousin, Michael, was born in Blue Rapids (northeast Marshall County) and later was reported missing in action.

Today, more than 50 soldiers are listed on the Web site.

?Each soldier has his own page, letters from high school sweethearts, some graphic details, posted messages and pictures,? he said.

A teacher in Newton, Foreman said he wants to continue educating Kansas students about the cost of freedom.

?We have traveled to more than 60 schools in Kansas and Nebraska,? he said. ?Our mission is just in making sure these men are never forgotten,? he said.

About 90 percent of the cost is out-of-pocket, Foreman said.

Recently, Faces On The Wall, stopped at Marion Public Library.

?We worked quite awhile bringing the display to Marion,? said Janet Marler, librarian.

?Trevor provided a program on Veteran?s Day,? she said, ?and the exhibit stayed until Nov. 21 or about two weeks.?

In March 2006, Foreman said he and his father did a lot of driving across the state.

?My dad was self-employed and every Friday from October through April, we scheduled a road trip,? he said.

During the past couple of years, though, the Foremans have toned down their trips.

?It?s not because we want to, but because of career changes and fuel costs going up,? Trevor Foreman said.

Even though the two men aren?t traveling as much as they would like to, Foreman said he still enjoys hearing the stories about Vietnam.

?I have always been a history buff,? he said.

Many people have seen the display over the past several years and whether it?s a brother, fiance or son, Foreman said the exhibit is welcome to any Vietnam veterans.

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