Unknown person steps up to help Hillsboro couple

The Flaming mailbox as they found it Aug. 5.Imagine leaving home for a few hours only to return to find a flattened mailbox at the end of your driveway.
That?s what happened to Les and Neoma Flaming, who live in rural Hillsboro.
?Unbeknownst to us, someone had the misfortune of taking our mailbox out of use,? Neoma said. ?It was an unexpected surprise waiting for us when we came home Tuesday, Aug. 5.?
The mailbox was so flattened that her husband had to pry the mailbox apart to remove the day?s mail.
This might have been the end of the story?except for the need to buy a new mailbox. But it wasn?t.
?We had another unexpected surprise on Aug. 6,? she said. ?Someone went and bought a new mailbox and post and put it up?ready to use.?
The Flamings were gone on both days?the day the mailbox was squashed and the next day when someone replaced it.
The Flamings said it was a kind and thoughtful thing to do.
?There are still good people around,? Neoma said, ?As the Word of God says, ?Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.??
That?s how they view the whole situation, she added.
It?s been about two weeks since the incident and the Flamings have no idea who this kind-hearted person is.
Although they have no way to personally show their gratitude, Neoma said they do have a message.
?A hearty ?thank you? to that special person,? she said. ?Be ye kind one to another. Some still live that way.?

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