Two new kids? booths focus on fun

Children will have two hands-on options for fun at this year?s Marion County Fair as part of a ?Commercial Building revival? effort by fair organizers.

More interactive booths are planned for this year?s Commer?cial Building, but two?the ?Kids Corral? and the ?Farmer For a Day? booths?will be of particular interest to children.

Kids Corral will feature a different activity each evening, Wednesday through Friday, starting at 5 p.m., when the Commercial Building opens for the public.

On Wednesday, they can participate in a free-throw shooting contest.

On Thursday the Cub Scout troops from Hillsboro and Marion will set up a Pinewood Derby racetrack and provide some old cars that kids can use to compete with each other.

On Friday, children can try their hand at tossing beanbags through a hole.

?Farmer for the Day? engages children in a variety of hands-on farm activities.

?It?s a display where the kids can come in and pick apples from an apple tree, or gather eggs from a pretend clucking hen, or dig for potatoes,? said lead organizer Jamie Peters. ?We may even have a goat to milk.?

Both attractions will run Wednesday through Friday and are free of charge.

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