Tans come with high-tech spray technique at Marion salon


Only one hair salon in Marion County offers spray tanning as an alternative to tanning beds or outdoor sunbathing.

Vicki Williams, owner of Vicki Kay’s Hair Salon in Marion, is so confident in this product that she offers a 100 percent money-back guarantee.

“If someone has never been able to get a tan, I guarantee they will be tan (using this tanning method) and with no orange,” she said.

Spray tanning is relatively new not only at Williams’ salon, but also on the market when compared to tanning booths, solariums and outdoor sunbathing.

Unlike tanning beds that require the client to return anywhere from six to 10 times for that “perfect” tan, Williams said spray tanning takes about 10 minutes and last between two to three weeks depending on how well someone takes care of it.

“After two or three weeks,” she said, “the tan just gets lighter and lighter and sloughs off with the natural skin.

“It fades just like a natural tan—it’s amazing.”

The idea

Williams said she was watching an excerpt from “Dancing With the Stars” when she learned the performers use spray tanning.

“I wondered if this was something I could get my hands on,” she said.

After trying four or five different products and sprayers, she finally settled on the same brand that DWTS use.

“It’s a MaxiMist,” she said.

The biggest thing about spray tans, she added, is that anyone can get one—whether pregnant or with other conditions, it’s cancer free.

“(The spray tan) is instant satisfaction and gratification,” she said, “unlike the tanning bed that requires five, six or more times.”

She said is also excited about some new products she will be able to add to the spray tan in the next few weeks.

Those additional products are shimmer drops in gold and silver, anti-aging drops and slimming drops.

“The shimmer drops look like you just left the beach,” she said, “and can be so much fun for proms, weddings or other occasions.”

The anti-aging drops, she said tighten the skin and minimize wrinkles for a youthful appearance.

“The slimming drops help tone and tighten skin, along with giving someone a super slimming tan,” she said.

Mobile sprayer

Although clients can have their tan done at the salon, Williams said the tanning unit is portable.

“I can go to someone’s wedding and do tanning on the entire wedding party,” she said. “By the time the last person is spray tanned, the first person is ready for hair and makeup.”

She suggested the spray tan for other group get-togethers.

“A tan just makes people feel good,” she said.

The spray tan is instant, but Williams said she suggests people wait several hours because the longer they allow the tan to work, the darker it will be.

“The first time someone showers after getting a spray tan,” she said, “they will want to take a rinse shower only.”

After that, she said no scrubbers, washcloths or loofah and the soap should have a low ph balance.

“When drying, be sure to pat dry with the towel.”

The cost will vary from $20 for a full body spray or buying a package of three for $55 to having a spray tan from the waist down or the waist up for $15 and neck and face for $12.

She also offers touch-ups for $7.

When compared to the cost of tanning beds with sessions starting at $6 and clients needing anywhere from five to 10 trips, spray tanning is a bargain, she said.

“It’s also safer and makes people feel good,” she said.

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