Supplies Arriving for City of Goessel Sewer Project

The Goessel city council met on August 19 and heard from public works director Karen Dalke that four semi loads of pipe for the sewer project had arrived. The pipe is currently located west of the baseball diamonds.

Larry Kleeman, who works for Ranson Citycode Financial, attended the meeting to talk with the council about offering the sale of temporary financial notes. The current notes will expire on October 1. The council passed Resolution 19-10, authorizing the sale of financial notes. City clerk Jennifer Whitehead explained that residents do not buy these notes. Rather, banks bid to buy them, and the bank with the lowest interest rate will be awarded the bid. The document is more than two pages long and outlines the responsibilities of the issuer and the purchaser.

The resolution lists the sewer improvements that are planned: “sewer main alterations, repairs, construction or reconstruction … rehabilitation of approximately 18,820 feet of mains … pipe replacement, new service taps, manhole improvements … lagoon piping improvements, lagoon desludging … sanitary sewer pumping station improvements.”

Turning their attention to another matter, the council discussed a request that a council member had received from an individual who would like to run a fireworks stand in town next summer. The council reviewed the current regulations. Anyone who wishes to set up a fireworks stand must submit an application to the city office, along with a non-refundable $2,000 permit fee. The applicant must also show proof of liability coverage of at least $200,000 and property damage liability insurance of at least $200,000 coverage. The council wished to keep the current regulations.

In other business, the council:

◼ voted to hire Leda Graybill to work “as needed” as a part-time clerk for the city. She will be on-call to work in the city office when Whitehead needs to be out of the office during regular office hours.

◼ heard that Whitehead and Dalke are planning to attend a meeting at the Marion City Hall on September 26. The meeting will be about flood plain remapping and should give information about the progress the state is making on that project. Whitehead has been at previous flood plain remapping meetings, and this one will be a continuation of those previous meetings.

◼ had received positive comments about the millings that had been applied to city streets before Threshing Days.

◼ briefly talked about lights for the new Goessel sign but made no decision at this meeting.

◼ heard that Dalke had replumbed the south water well.

◼ heard that Dalke installed a meter at the fire station. A new meter is also needed at the car restoration shop.

◼ heard about problems with the telemetry system.

◼ heard about equipment repairs that Dalke had done. A pulley had broken on the finish mower. Dalke did the repair work herself. Mayor Dave Schrag helped.

◼ heard that the city has been sprayed for mosquitoes.

◼ heard that the park has been sprayed for weeds.

◼ heard about mowing and trimming work that has been done.

◼ heard about new trash cans that will replace rusty trash cans.

◼ talked about plans for a lot in the Harvest Meadows addition. One of the home-owners in that addition would like to build a shop on a lot adjacent to his house. The shop would store some vehicles. After discussing the plans and making some changes, the council approved the plan.

◼ heard of plans to contact the Kansas Department of Health and Environment for help in dealing with a livestock waste management issue. The council would like to stop the manure that runs through town when it rains.

◼ is waiting on bid information from NexTech about security cameras.

◼ approved the Standard Traffic Ordinance. One section of the ordinance states that the fine for speeding “shall not be less than $10 nor more than $500.”

◼ approved the Uniform Public Offense Code, which gives regulations for dealing with public offenses.

◼ voted to pay the month’s bills for a total of $95,077.88.

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