Strong winds damage Hillsboro farm buildings

Severe winds damaged several outbuildings Monday evening, June 20, at the farm of Edward and Margaret Hein located near the intersection of 170th and Limestone about four miles southeast of Hillsboro.

One small outbuilding along the southwest corner of the yard was destroyed, and two lean-to sheds lost their roofs, according to Margaret Hein, who was home at the time.

Hein said she is not sure if the damage was caused by a brief tornado, straight-line winds or a downburst.

?I was setting on my chair with two little great-grandsons, reading them a book,? Hein said. ?I did not hear anything. But our daughter was here. She looked out the kitchen window, which goes to the east, and said, ?My, it must have gotten windy.?

?About then she saw sparks out here by the high-line pole. The limb came down and knocked the electricity out. That?s about all we saw.?

Hein said she didn?t think it was straight-line winds because support poles, anchored in cement, were pulled right out of the ground.

?It was awful small if it was a tornado,? she added. ?We were the only ones that got in on it.?

Hein said the family discovered later that the largest barn on the yard, located just north of the lean-to sheds, also was affected by the event.

?It?s kind of leaning a little bit,? she said. ?The insurance adjuster was out and said, ?Yeah, that?s had some damage.??

Despite the structural damage, Hein said she was thankful the incident turned out as well as it did.

?We were quite fortunate,? she said.

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