Sixth rape case reported in Hillsboro

Less than two weeks into the new year, Hillsboro police are investigating a second, unrelated report of rape, which happened Tuesday, Jan. 12.

?This is the sixth rape we are currently investigating,? said Chief Dan Kinning.

In this latest incident, the victim knew the suspect and invited him into her home. According to Kinning, the woman, 18, had known the 19-year-old assailant for quite some time.

While details remain sketchy, Kinning said the victim ?relented out of fear,? believing she had no other options.

After she reported the incident, she was taken to Wichita for a forensics examination.

Following the attack, the suspect fled the scene, Kinning said, but was later located.

Until the investigation is completed, charges have not been filed.

In the other five open rape cases, the Kansas Bureau of Investigation has released its findings on the oldest case from December 2008 when a 25-year-old was attacked.

?We will be submitting our reports for prosecution,? Kinning said, ?and it will be up to the county attorney to consider filing rape, sexual assault or other charges.?

In that case, a third party reported the rape two days after the crime took place in an Hillsboro apartment building.

Kinning said the KBI lab is close to wrapping up the forensic evidence in the other rape cases.

The other reported rape on Saturday, Jan. 2, involved a 16-year-old girl from Marion, who knew the suspect, a 17-year-old Hillsboro male.

Almost four weeks earlier, a 20-year-old coming to Hillsboro with a friend to meet a boyfriend was reportedly raped.

Then on Sept. 15 police were called to a house in Hillsboro where a group of adults were drinking alcohol. This case involved a 28-year-old victim who told authorities she ?passed out? in the bathroom and when she woke up, she knew something had happened to her.

The sixth rape happened Aug. 13, but wasn?t reported until one week later. This case involved a 17-year-old Wichita runaway who told Wichita police about the incident after returning home.

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