Sheriff?s department preparing for Jack?s retirement from duty

Sheriff Lee Becker told the Marion County Commission Monday he has a female officer named Jack that may soon be laid off for early retirement. But even in retirement, Becker said, Jack might be used a time or two to assist her successor.

If you?re beginning to think sex and age discrimination, don?t be concerned. The officer to whom Becker was referring is Jack, the county?s police dog handled by Officer Jeff Soyez.

Becker said most likely as infirmities overtake her, Jack will go to finish her life living with Soyez as her handler. Becker said he will seek her replacement from a private police dog production agency at Manhattan.

He said Jack, originally a $6,000 fully trained purchase, has been invaluable to the department in tracking missing elderly patients and children, in tracking and identifying suspects from their scent at a crime scene, and in locating drugs and evidence. Jack even once located a missing gun-shell casing in an isolated area, he said.

The Kansas State Fire Marshall?s Office notified the commissioners that it has divided Kansas into 12 districts for hazardous material response: Colby, Harvey County, Ford County, Seward County, Salina, Sedgwick County, Wellington, Manhattan, Topeka, Emporia, Overland Park and Coffeyville.

The KSFMO hazmat hotline number is 866-542-9628.

Landon Leiker reported to commissioners by letter with photos that repairs to a dock and an incinerator at Marion County Lake have been completed by Jack Boese with close to original materials from the 1930s, with approval from the Kansas State Historical Society.

Leiker said a small museum on the lake?s history will have its grand opening at 2 p.m., Sept. 30. The museum is located behind the county lake office.

Emergency Medical Service Director Steve Smith said a former director, JoAnn Knak, will begin an EMT class Oct. 2.

Commissioner Bob Hein, acting in the absence of Commis?sion Chairman Randy Dallke, said, ?I hope the class gets bigger. We need more help.?

Smith reported 70 ambulance runs for August, 16 from Pea?body, six from Florence, 25 from Marion, 21 from Hillsboro and two from Tampa. There were four first-response runs from Goessel and one from Lincoln?ville.

Cardie Oil received an $8,413 bid to supply road and bridge with oil for diesel engines.

County Road and Bridge Director Martin Rhodes received permission from commissioners to seek prices for a 5-foot wide vibrating roller that will patch potholes tighter.

Rhodes said potholes also can be cleaned out to last longer with $200 leaf blower. Rhodes and Road foreman John Summer?ville will be visiting their counterparts in McPherson County to ?see how neighbors do their jobs.?

The meeting ended with Rhodes in a 20-minute executive session regarding personnel with commissioners.

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