Seiter hired for media marketing and Tabor cheerleader program


?I am so excited to build a strong and successful cheer squad that will turn people?s heads…?-Tiffany Seiter

Tiffany Seiter has been hired to perform the roles of academic media marketing coordinator and cheerleading coach at Tabor College.

Seiter?s job will be to promote the school?s academic programs through social media and attract more female students to the campus through an enhanced competitive cheerleading program.

While a part-time cheerleading coaching position has been in the school budget for several years, Linda Cantwell, vice president for enrollment management and marketing, and Rusty Allen, vice president for Athletics, identified Seiter as an ideal candidate to fill the new full-time position.

Cantwell said that Seiter?s academic preparation, faith background, experience and skill set were ?a perfect match for Tabor.?

Allen added,?Excellence enhances ministry. Every time a program on campus is characterized by excellence, the overall image and ministry at Tabor College is enhanced.

?Coach Seiter brings not only experience as an outstanding cheerleader and as a cheer coach, but she has the kind of Christian commitment that helps set the Tabor College Athletic Department apart.?

Cantwell said research suggests that prospective students, in general, and females and high-achieving students, in particular, are using social media to shop for higher education options.

?In order to tell our Tabor story to these particular audiences in their preferred communication styles, we needed to increase our presence on the Web with success stories of current students, young alums and faculty,? Cantwell said.

Seiter has a bachelor?s degree from Huntington (Ind.) University in digital film and a minor in broadcast journalism. She completed a semester at the Los Angeles Film Studies Center in 2006, and has work experience as a videographer, editor, photographer and film maker.

While the 12-member Tabor cheerleading program is considered a club activity and not a sport at this time, Allen would like to see Seiter grow the current cheer squad to 20 participants by next fall and have as many as 30 participants in the not-too-distant future.

He said he also expects Seiter to bring the cheer program to the level of a competitive team sport at Tabor.

?Cheerleading is operated as a competitive sport all across the country and our vision is for the program to raise to the level of a competitive sport,? Allen said.

?This cheer position is not new and has been in the budget for a couple of years already,? he added. ?We believe Coach Seiter will be an excellent recruiter and we look forward to her building an excellent cheer program. It offers potential for enrollment growth if recruited properly.?

Seiter was an accomplished competitive cheerleader and gymnast at Ashland (Ohio) High School and at the Ashland YMCA. She was captain of the cheer squad at Huntington University, which competed for the first time during Seiter?s senior year. She also coached cheerleading and gymnastics at the Ashland YMCA and More Than Gymnastics in Huntington.

Cantwell said Seiter ?has her work cut out for her? in accomplishing her important dual roles, adding that she has already met with the provost and others on campus to create strategic and measurable outcomes for her first year.

Seiter said she is up to the challenge.

?I am so excited to build a strong and successful cheer squad that will turn people?s heads, and I am excited to use my gifts and talents to show people how great Tabor is and in return help increase enrollment,? Seiter said.

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