Sales tax hits 8-year high

Marion County Clerk Carol Maggard told commissioners at their April 30 payday meeting that the latest county sales-tax figure was the highest sales tax receipt for February in eight years of reporting.

The county received from the treasurer?s office $46,590.64 for funds spent in February, paid to the state in March, and dispersed to the counties in April.

According to statistics provided, that was the highest sales tax receipt for February in eight years of reporting.

It placed the sales tax received for the year for Marion County at $199,239.54 compared to $189,315.36 for the same period last year. Total sales tax received for the county last year was $576,227.68.

Asked why there is a continuing rise in sales tax receipts, Commission Chairman Dan Holub said he doesn?t think it?s because of anything unusual, although the state does lack the ability to give the county an analysis.

Holub said he believes Marion County sells mainly the staple items of human existence within the county. For example, much of the county uses natural gas for home heating. If the price of gas goes up, the tax goes up in proportion, and the receipts to the county go up.

He said he believes the inflation of retail goods and prices for all basic needs is the reason the sales tax is going up. There isn?t any new enterprise in the county that could otherwise explain the taxes, Holub said.

Michele Abbott, director of Communications and Emer?gency Management, said county residents can call the 2-1-1 United Way Line for updates on the local status of what is popularly called swine flu.

She said she has been meeting with local health, emergency and government officials to coordinate any needed efforts if the flu spreads.

Commissioners voted to deny any extension for construction of a farm outbuilding near Peabody, origin?ally filed for tax relief under the Neighbor?hood Revitalization Plan in 2006, because the value of $15,000 for its construction with used materials and dirt walls would be doubtful.

County Appraiser Cindy Magill said, ?It is not an example of what we want to see under neighborhood revitalization.?

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