Residents and guests celebrate being ?Redneck in Ramona?

Margaret Stroda (waving) rides through the Ramona Redneck Parade as this year?s grand marshal. Organizers agreed Stroda couldn?t have been a more deserving person to be chosen to serve as grand marshal. Patty Decker / Free Press
Margaret Stroda (waving) rides through the Ramona Redneck Parade as this year?s grand marshal. Organizers agreed Stroda couldn?t have been a more deserving person to be chosen to serve as grand marshal. Patty Decker / Free Press

Organizers of the annual Redneck in Ramona July 4 celebration may have seen a fewer parade entries this year, but many spectators said they enjoyed the games, contests and fun.

Adam and Jenee Einhardt and 14-month-old son, Landon, drove from Manhattan to attend the event with grandparents Dale and Barbara Einhardt.

?We were looking online for something special to do this holiday weekend and saw ?Buttcracker Suite,? so we decided to go to Ramona,? Jenee said.

Jessica Gilbert, one of the local coordinators, said for the second year in a row, the lawn art or ?Clipping Creations,? was a popular event.

Serving as Grand Marshal for the parade was Margaret Stroda, a long-time resident of Ramona and Marion County. Gilbert said Stroda was born into the Vinduska family in 1930.

?She lived in Pilsen until her marriage at 18 to Maurice Stroda of Ramona,? Gilbert said. ?The newlyweds moved to the Stroda family farm south of Ramona and raised eight children here.?

Maurice Stroda operated the Ramona Garage in town for more than a decade, according to Gilbert.

?When the family?s home tragically caught fire in 2004, the family moved to B Street in town,? she said ?Maurice passed away in 2009, but Margaret still resides in town with her son, Art.?

Gilbert said Stroda is surrounded by 17 grandchildren and 17 great-grandchildren.

Organizers agreed Stroda couldn?t have been a more deserving person to be chosen to serve as grand marshal.

Along with fireworks show, dancing and other events, the following prizes were given to participants in a variety of competitions.


Overall redneck theme ($100): ?Miss Trash 2015.? Description: Modeling the latest in ?Trash Fashion? for the redneck woman. Participant: Jessica Gil?bert, Ramona. Sponsor: First Choice Meats, Herington.

Judges? Choice ($100): ?Ramona City Dump.? Description: We?re full of it! Participants: Julie and Byron Noeth, Ramona; Amy Moore, Council Grove; Stephanie Symns, Atchison. Sponsor: Tri-County Area Chamber of Commerce.


First ($100): ?Redneck Home Depoe.? Description: One man?s trash is another man?s treasure. Participants: Alyssa Huggins and her children Maddie and Kobe, Ramona. Sponsor: Clark Lumber, Herington. Second ($80): ?Redneck Wind Farms.? Participants: The family of Fern Leach (from Ramona). Spon?sor: Agri-Producers, Tampa. Third ($50): ?Redneck Safety Deposit Box.? Description: Where?s your treasures? Rent a safety deposit box soon! Participants: First National Bank of Hope Banking Family.


First ($50): ?BiCentennial Vette.? Participants: Serena Staatz, Herington. Sponsor: Atmos Energy. General audit ($50): ?BJ?s get?em there shuttle.? Participants: Jeannie Goza, Ramona, with Bill McGinley, Salina. Sponsor: North Central Kansas Co-Op, Hope. First, teens ($30): ?Flag.? Participants: Mathew Madron, Ramona. Sponsor: First National Bank of Hope. Second, teens ($20): ?Go cart.? Participants: Kiana Haden, Hope. Sponsor: First National Bank of Hope. First, kids ($20): ?Every Heart Beats True.? Participants: Clara Noeth, Ramona; Lexi Todd, Alta Vista; Rufus, the dog. Sponsor: Junior Hanschu family, Ramona.


Art Stroda, Brian Haden coordinators

First ($50): Russell Moore, Alta Vista. Sponsor: Mike?s Mower Service, Hope. Second ($20): Michael Brash, Herington. Sponsor: Mike?s Mower Service, Hope. Third ($10): DJ Moore, Council Grove. Sponsor: Mike?s Mower Service, Hope.


Jeannie Goza, coordinator

First ($25): Ed Pay (town not known). Sponsor: Central National Bank, Herington. Second ($20): Jose Lopez, Salina. Sponsor: Central National Bank, Herington. Third ($15) Danielle (last name unknown), Hutchinson. Sponsor: Carlson?s Grocery, Marion.


Jeannie Goza, coordinator

Heartland Foods, sponsor

First ($10) Pius Jirak, Oakley. Prize: 12-pack of soda. Second ($5): Jayden Baldwin, Herington. Prize: 12-pack of soda. Third, ($5): Maddie Huggins, Ramona. Prize: 12-pack of soda. Fourth, kids: Hannah Mumpowers, Maple Hill. Prize: 12-pack of soda. Fifth, kids: Eli Mumpowers, Maple Hill. Prize: 12-pack of soda. Sixth, kids: Elias Jirak, Ramona. Prize: 12-pack of soda.


50/50 Drawing winner: Jim Thompson, Ramona, $147.25.


Coordinators: Jessica Gilbert, Billy Alcorn, Rohani Alcorn. Challenge: Entrants were given a 6×6-foot area of grass and spray paint; they came with designs to fill them. The contest was sponsored by TCT.

Ages 8-11:

First ($50): Brooklyn Smith, Lincolnville. Entry: ?He Loves Me; He Loves Me Not!? Second ($40): Leah Brunner, Lost Springs. Entry: ?Happy Catty 4th of July.? Third ($30): Maddie Huggins, Ramona. Entry: ?Who Who?s a Redneck.?

Ages 12-16

First ($100): Lacey Wingerd and Tyler Nickel, Ramona. Entry: ?Freedom Torch.? Second ($70): Janel Dones, Kaitlin Brunner and CJ Thompson, Ramona. Entry: ?Memorial to Judy.? Third ($50): Noah Tajchman, Hutchinson; Elias Jirak, Ramona; Pius Jirak, Oakley; Ivan Jirak, Oakley. Entry: ?Flying Colors.?

Throttle Jockey Club

Consolation prize ($10 each to five contestants): Jennea Remmers, Ramona; Shaylee Leiker, Ellsworth; Nathan Jones and Josh Radke, Ramona; Kiana Haden, Hope; Mathew Madron, Ramona. (Judges: Mayor Byron Noeth, Ramona; Lorei Knott, Ramona; Brian Haden, president of Throttle Jockey Club, Herington.

James Weber Memorial

3-on-3 Basketball

Adult : ?Lions? (Adam Adkins, Quenton Adkins, Jordan Mendez, all from Hope.

Youth winners (13-and-under): ?Cougars? (Elias Jirak, Ramona, and Dalton Stika, Lincolnville).

REDNECK RUN (2-mile and 10K)

Julie and Byron Noeth, coordinators

2-mile (female)

Age 12-and-under: 1. Shaylee Leiker, Ellsworth, 15:11(course record); 2. Clara Noeth, Ramona, 20:10; 3. Morgan Albrecht, Salina, 22:13; 4. Lexi Todd, Alta Vista, 24:07; 5. Adalyn Miller, Alma 25:10. 25-34: 1. Amber Hanschu, Manhattan, 15:17; 2. Brandi Miller, Alma, 25:10; 3. Stephanie Symns, Atchison, 28:43; 4. Gina Jirak, Orono, Minn., 34:15. 35-44: 1. Cori Hostetter, Knoxville, Tenn., 20:49; 2. Amy Heller-Moore, Alta Vista, 24:07; 3. Dallas Friedli, Hope, 30:26. 45-55: 1. Terri Haire, Herington, 21:24; 2. Sally Miller, Onaga, 25:45; 3. Lisa Hanschu, Ramona, 32:18; 4. Kodi Kelsey, Marion, 32:18. 56-plus: 1. Amy Moore, Council Grove, 24:59, 2. Mary Pfeffer, Herington, 29:12; 3. Delores Siggs, Goddard, 37:07.

2-mile (male)

Age 12-and-under: 1. Landon Albrecht, Salina, 20:33; 2. Elias Jirak, Ramona, 23:58; 3. Vincent Jirak, Orono, Minn., 34:15. 13-17: 1. Brock Hazelton, Elmdale, 13:18; 2. Colton Potts, Elmdale, 13:25. 35-44: 1. Russell Moore, Alta Vista, 24:07; 2. Larry Friedli, Hope, 30:26; 3. Neil Albrecht, Salina, 32:14. 45-55: 1. Jeff Miller, Onaga, 35:20. 56-plus: 1. D. Moore, Council Grove, 24:59; 2. Junior Hanshu, Ramona, 37:07.


Age 25-34 men (and overall winners): 1. Jason Miller, Alma, 57:28; 1. Randy Miller, Onaga, 57:28.


Age 4: Colby Diepenbrock (30, 30); Evan Klenda (30, 25.1); Gavin Hanschu (27.4). Age 6: Grant Meier (30, 30); Alex Fenske (30, 28.6); Hadley Friedli (29.6). Age 7: Brent Mercer (22.9), Adalyn Baldwin (20.11), Elijah Klenda (15.4). Age 8: Xavier Emmans (23.11); Isabel Rziha (13); Andy Madron (6.7). Age 9: Dylan Radke (30, 30); Layton Leiker (30, 22.8); Dane Meier (30, 22.3). Age 10: Ivan Jirak (30), Jentrie Gremel (15.6), Madison Huggins (14). Age 11: Callie Plenert (30, 30), Shayna Haggard (30, 30); Journee Holcom (18). Age 12: Darius Huggins (30); Elias Jirak (17); Eli Mumpower (16.9).