Quarry supply fine, says company official

Marion County road and bridge officials have been told by local workers of long-term reductions in rock reserves and work force at the Martin Mari?etta Aggregates rock quarry at Marion, even though the company says the situation there is good.

John Summerville, road and bridge director, said he has been told of eight workers laid off, and the possibility of work only being available at the quarry for a work force of four in the future.

?That?s the local scuttlebutt,? he said. ?If it doesn?t work out to be true, that?s good news.?

Rod Setchell, sales manager for Martin Marietta, said the quarry is low on rock but only because sales are good.

?We?re trying to get caught up,? Setchell said. ?The quarry at Marion has several years of rock reserves.?

Setchell said reports of cutbacks at the quarry aren?t true.

Summerville said it is true that the quarry ran low enough on rock once last year that the county was unable to get its rock supplies there for three months. He said road and bridge went to the Florence quarry for supplies during that time.

He said he is happy the county is assured of a continuing local supply of rock because another 80 acres is supposed to be opened up for quarrying at Florence.

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