Planning group is thumbs down on lake cabin project

The Marion County Planning Commission denied Thursday at the county lake hall the establishment of a recreational cabin-rental facility at the lake.

The vote was 6-3 against the proposed cabins with Bob Maxwell, Nick Kraus and Dave Mueller, voting in favor.

After more than three hours of discussion, the commission considered separating the sites and voting on each of them. Following two defeated motions to allow building on one and then on two sites, the commission made a motion to deny all three locations, which was approved.

The application for the proposed cabins was made by Heather, Molly, Daniel C. and Tamra Holub with their father, Dan Holub, present at the commission meeting only to answer questions about his children?s proposed project.

According to information from the Holubs, the intention was to build three different style cabins in three different areas.

The first site would be north of the trailer houses and would be low-priced cabins. Those cabins would be 20 feet by x 16 feet with no loft.

The second site would be the area west of the heated dock and mid-priced cabins. The plan was to build eight cabins with an office.

The third site would be south of the lake office along the east edge of the hill and would be three to four high-end cabins, according to the information presented.

In this third area, Holub said, no specifics had been decided other than that the cabins would be somewhat larger than the mid-priced cabins. The cabins might also have one private bedroom and jacuzzi in addition to a shower.

The reason for the different size cabins, the Holubs stated in their information to the Planning Commission, was to avoid an over-crowded look.

?All the cabins would be stick build with 2-inch by 6-inch framing and fully insulated,? Holub said. ?All would have metal roofs.?

Voicing opposition

Debra Schwartz of Wichita, who has a place at the lake, said she had concerns about the potential increase in crime.

Paul White, another lake resident of Marion, asked what would happen to Steve Hudson?s role.

In response, Hudson?s role as the superintendent at Marion County Park and Lake would not change with the additional cabins.

Hudson was asked about how many tents are usually around for campers during the warmer months.

Well over 100, he said, which would means the proposed cabins in that area would not cause him extra work.

Sharon Werner, property owner at the lake, who also lives in Wichita, objected to the entire Holub proposal saying that the site was on property included in the state and national Register of Historic Places.

?In addition, the county approval of this proposal amounts to a subsidy of private enterprise on public ground to the detriment of current and future lake residents,? she said.

Werner also said she believed the proposal would cause further deterioration of lake roads, increase burden on water and sewer facilities and docks.

?(The proposal) will increase the noise and traffic levels to which lake residents will be exposed and most importantly it will encroach upon and destroy landscape features, lake vegetation, spatial relationships, lake vistas and the environs of the lake,? she said.

Another woman talked about safety issues related to the proposed site near the manufactured homes with respect to cars in that area.

Holub?s reaction

Following the commission?s vote denying the proposal, Holub said he planned to speak with his children.

He also said they will probably not pursue the issue any further without an approval recommendation from the planning commission.

Holub said the proposal was a way of bringing further economic development to the county and providing lake visitors with the option of renting a place to stay.

Had the commission recommended approval, the proposal had considered establishing a restaurant and laundromat facility.

More than 30 people attended the meeting with the majority voicing opposition to the proposal.

Conditional use factors

In making its decision, the commission looked at conditional use factors to include:

? whether approval would be consistent with the intent and purpose of the Marion County regulations;

? whether the location of the proposed use is compatible to other land uses in the surrounding neighborhood;

? whether the proposed use places an undue burden on the existing transportation and service facilities in the area affected and whether such additional transportation and service facilties can be provided;

? whether the proposed use is made necessary or desirable because of changed or changing conditions in the area affected;

? and whether the length of time the subject property has remained vacant or undeveloped as zoned.

Marion County Lake is located two miles east and two miles south of Marion.

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