Marion’s Melcher named top ‘Cat Fan

“At the first KSU home game this season, they were doing things different to recognize a ‘Fan of the Game,’” said family member Jeanie Wildin of Marion. “ Before, it seemed to just be a random section, row, seat thing. Now, they accept nominations for special people that you would like to see honored. I sent in my nomination for Dorothy Melcher.”

Melcher has been attending KSU games since 1969 when her son, Gary Melcher, was a freshman and played on the K-State freshman team. Gary played for KSU the rest of his tenure with the university.

Dorothy, who is 93 years old, has had the same season ticket seat for 37 years. The entire four years that Gary Melcher played football for KSU, Dorothy and husband Wilbur missed only one game. They attended all home and away games except for one in Utah.

Dorothy has missed only five home games in all of these years. Two of those games were during her trip to the Holy Land.

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