Marion students package food for a good cause

Cassie Meyer attended a leadership conference in Washington D.C. this past summer where she got to tour the capital and participate in leadership assessments and sessions. She designed a LTS, Living to Serve, plan which is a program that helps combat needs in the community. For her plan, she decided to help combat the need for food in Marion County with a meal packaging day.

In order to accomplish this goal, Meyer checked into the organization Meals of Hope. The company states on their website that their mission is communities coming together to end hunger. They began as a food packing organization and developed five meals specifically designed for the American palate with added vitamins, minerals and proteins to supplement an unbalanced diet.

Meyer scheduled the company to come in and set up the meal packing stations. She provided the funds to pay for it and the volunteers.

“I raised money for this. I went around to businesses in Marion and Hillsboro and asked for donations and filled out grants. I also went to a couple of churches who were willing to give as well,” said Meyer.

Volunteers consisted of students and staff and faculty helping out.

She really wanted to keep as many of the packaged meals as possible in the area. The group packaged a total of 24,000 meals. She contacted the local food banks and asked them how much they wanted.

“8,000 are going to the Marion Food Bank and about 200 are going to the Hillsboro Food Bank. The rest is going to the Kansas Food Bank,” said Meyer.

Meyer went on to thank all who had helped her make this happen.

“I just want to thank the businesses and everyone who helped support,” said Meyer.

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