Marion sells lots to Auto House Inc.

The City of Marion took some economic steps forward Monday with the city council approving the sale of lots to an auto transport business, and approving a tax credit donation program through the state that could give it interest-free money to lend.

The council agreed to sell lots 21 and 22 for $7,400 in the Harris Heights Addition light industrial park to to Auto House Inc.

Economic Development Director Doug Kjellin said Auto House, which has branches in Galva, Newton and Salina, intends to build a 2,500-square-foot building for car transport and sales that may hire two employees.

Kjellin said he will proceed with an ?e-grant? under NetWork Kansas that allows corporations and individuals from Marion to make 75 percent state tax credit donations that will be used with state contributions to create a permanent revolving account loan fund.

Kjellin said it will allow the city to recruit and keep businesses that the local community finds desirable.

Mayor Mary Olson said Angela Lange, Becky Makovec and Clark Whitwell have been recognized in Kansas Govern?ment Magazine for their efforts in raising funds for Marion Central Park.

Pat Smith presented the council with a petition from residents in the North Roosevelt area protesting any location of a new county jail in Batt Industrial Park because they fear it will lower their property values.

Roger Schwab, zoning commission chairman, said his group will have to determine how to develop regulations determining size of accessory buildings because the city government has voted new rules without cancelling out old ordinances.

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