Marion police receive funds for digital cameras in squad cars

Marion Police Department received $2,250 in donations at the Aug. 11 Marion City Council meeting to update squad cars with digital squad car camera systems.

Shirley Jo Hett presented $1,500 on behalf of the County Substance Abuse Committee, and Councilor Gene Winkler presented $750 from the Kiwanis Club.

Councilor Bill Holderman wanted a proposed smoking ordinance for Central Park and the city building to be changed to ?no tobacco products allowed? instead of just ?no smoking allowed.? He called the practice of spitting tobacco dirty and annoying.

City Attorney Dan Baldwin agreed that chewing-tobacco products can be annoying, but said banning anything but smoking is not allowed under state statutes.

Winkler said ?no smoking? is applied because the smoker is hurting others while chewers are hurting only themselves.

On another issue, Holderman explained to Baldwin and the rest of the council that he didn?t want an ordinance banning all cottonwood trees, just female cottonwoods, which put out the seed.

Twelve members of Boy Scouts Troop 102 and their sponsors were at the meeting to thank the city for allowing them to have a fireworks stand for the Fourth of July. They said last year?s proceeds enabled them to buy a light trailer, and they will use this year?s proceeds to equip it with winter equipment and shelving. It may also help two scouts go to Jamboree in Washington, D.C.

Mayor Mary Olson thanked the scouts for serving as guards during Art in the Park.

By a 3-2 vote, the council selected Jan Helmer to fill an unexpected term on the recreation commission. Six people had volunteered to fill the opening, according to Olson.

The council met for more than an hour in executive sessions for reasons of personnel and for attorney-client privilege, No action was taken in public session.

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