Marion council moves on street projects

The Marion City Council Monday approved proceeding with development of a contract with the engineering firm of Kirkham-Michael that could begin somewhere close to a million dollars of street construction.

The projects probably will include Eisenhower, North Cedar and petitioned-for projects, perhaps three of them.

Jon Halbewachs of Kirkham-Michael recommended widening and deepening the ditches along Eisenhower to control water problems instead of installing curbing and guttering, but even that plus resurfacing the street could be close to a half-million dollars, nearly two years long project. The council agreed that North Cedar already is breaking down from truck traffic entering town.

Council members expect financing for Cedar and Eisenhower may come from bond issuance, but petitioned- for improvements eventually would be paid by residents along those streets.

The council also approved 5-0 contracts with surfacing company APAC Kansas presented by Street Superintendent Marty Fredrickson for skin patching, also called blade patching to save money, and extend the life of streets while they are in town anyway.

One contract for $9,355 would save the city crew time while it is involved with cemetery Memorial Day preparations and Chingawassa Days anyway, he said. Another contract for $90,320 would include all of the Jex Addition.

Council members approved 5-0 a request from Marion County Commission Dan Holub that a former agreement made by Transfer Station Director David Brazil with City Manager David Mayfield be rescinded to allow the county trash truck to use Main Street, which is Highway 256.

Holub said the more direct route out of town could save the county $1,750 annually at current prices because of the extra couple of miles that were being covered with around 40 20-ton loads annually.

Margo Yates gave a Chamber of Commerce tourism report about efforts to attract more of the 300,000 visitors to Marion Reservoir annually into town to spend money. The Chamber is giving out bags with local advertising on them.

The council approved a request from Dan Crumrine, chairman of County Improve?ment District No. 2 at Marion County Lake, for location of a 100,000-gallon, 150-foot tall water tower, probably the pedestal based type, at the airport.

Crumrine said the project had been approved once before by the Federal Aviation Administration, but that time expired so the improvement district still will need to reseek FAA approval.

The council approved a bid for $5,000 plus trade-in for a new commercial mower for the ball fields from Deere Trail Imple?ment of Marion.

Public Works Director Harvey Sanders discussed running electricity to Liberty Park at the request of Mayor Mary Olson as something that could be necessary to honor a request for musical performances there.

Councilor Bill Holdeman questioned the need for both Mayfield and Sanders to go to a Westar electric usuage conference, but Mayfield said it is necessary because he has the budgetary knowledge for the conference while Sanders has the technical knowledge.

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