Lost Springs discusses cats, street signs

The local cat population and street names were topics of discussion during the Nov. 9 meeting of the Lost Springs City Council.

Attending the meeting were Troy Madron Sr., Joe Zinn, Brett Hajek, Joyce Buckland-Rohloff, Jessica Moenning, Connie Jenkins, Frank Wirtz, John Zeiner and Shelly Wirtz.

The council was told that someone has complained that too many cats are in town, and no one is sure to whom they belong.

The cats intimidate one resident?s dogs and have eaten the dog food of different resident while the resident?s dog watches.

But Zeiner said that the town doesn?t have a rodent problem and all the cats are well-fed, tame and healthy. The town has no animal-control ordinances, so the council declined to take action on the matter.

Street signs

In the process of replacing the street signs, the council members discovered they did not know the name of one of the streets because the signs were missing and most of the street is closed off.

Buckland-Rohloff and Moenning received maps from the county mapping office. The maps showed conflicting and repetitious street names. Alexander Avenue, the street that started the whole process, was either Alexander Avenue or Cleavland Avenue, depending on the map of reference.

Maps indicate two east/west Broadway avenues two blocks apart and two north/south Main streets two blocks apart.

Berry Street, one of the main streets in town, doesn?t exist. It?s legally Main Street on its west side and Beery Street on its east side. This explains the trouble getting third-party package delivery as well as 911 confusion.

Buckland-Rohloff received extensive assistance from the county?s register of deeds office, in particular from Rebecca Wingfield in researching the county archives and identifying plat maps.

No street-name changes are recorded, so if any were ever made, they weren?t documented and, therefore, don?t exist.

Wingfield also called the plat map numbers down to Deborah Bowman in mapping, who made copies of all the plat maps for Lost Springs.

Wingfield assured the council that any street name changes would not affect property deeds and titles in any way because legal descriptions do not rely on street names.

Their help and information was vital in determining a starting point and plan of action.

The council made the following five street-name changes:

(1) Cleavland Avenue was changed to Alexander Avenue.

(2) Beery/Main Street from its beginning at the north city limit, south to Chicago Avenue, was changed to North Berry Street.

(3) Beery/Main Street from its beginning at the south city limit north to Chicago Avenue was changed to South Berry Street.

(4) The southern and western-most Broadway Avenue was changed to West Chicago Avenue.

(5) Chicago Avenue was changed to East Chicago Avenue.

The change in street names was passed unanimously and will be sent to city attorney Chris Costello for the legal aspects of filing.

The county will notify the sheriff’s office and 911, but advised that it would be a good idea for the city of Lost Springs to inform them, also.

The council expressed its hope to improve communication between the city and county.

Physical addresses will be documented with the post office since the Lost Springs postmaster, Jessica Moen?ning, is on the city council. She had already spent a lot of time and energy trying to clear up the confusion and conflicting addresses.

Brett Hajek from the fire department offered input on the importance of the street names and 911 calls. He said his wife, Michelle, might be interested in the position of city clerk.

The council noted the duties are light, it pays $10 per meeting, plus the added prestige of being part of the city?s governing process.

Other business

In other business, council members heard:

? Madron attempted to test the storm siren for the new time of 6:30 p.m. but got an error message instead, and couldn?t get the siren to work. He will contact the phone company to see what the problem is and have it corrected.

? the meeting recorder has still not been ordered.

? the damaged stone wall outside the school still has not been fixed.

?Submitted by Joyce Buckland-Rohloff

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