Lost Springs council talks about ice damage

Lost Springs City Council met for its Decem?ber meeting with Troy Madron Sr., Joyce Buckland-Rohloff, Frank Wirtz, Joe Zinn, Shelly Wirtz, John Zeiner and Jessica Moen?ning participating.

Madron tested the storm siren at the scheduled time and it worked. TCT had no explanation why it didn?t work last month.

Moen?ning reported that Dennis Moenning had cut down a damaged fir tree in the cemetery and would like to be paid. The council said payment would come from the cemetery board, consisting of Madron, mayor; Wirtz, treasurer; and someone outside of the city limits appointed by the mayor, as defined by state law.

Moen?ning reported Brett Hajek had asked for permission to cut down and remove some of the damaged trees on city property as a public service to improve the appearance and safety of the city. The council welcomed his help and discussed compensation for gasoline or other expenses.

Madron said the county?s road and bridge department called and offered to haul off storm damage and fallen limbs and trees. Madron said he felt the city should decline if the county was wanting to charge the city for the service.

The council expressed appreciation for the offer.

The council discussed changing the official Lost Springs newspaper from the Marion County Record to the Hillsboro Free Press because of the wider circulation of The Free Press. It is delivered to everyone in town so information is available to the whole town.

The vote was unanimous to make the change after the ordinance for the street name changes has run.

Someone asked if the ordinances have to go through a lawyer or if the council can just write them. The county clerk advised that all ordinances be written by an attorney to ensure they are covered legally.

Frank Wirtz submitted the bills. The council questioned the $123 county assessment on the city building for trash fees as a business. Since the building is not a business and generates no trash the council feels this is not a legitimate assessment.

Frank Wirtz said it is too late to dispute it, so the council requested that he remind them next year in time to dispute it. They felt Buckland-Rohloff would be the best person to do it.

One person called Connie Jenkins and the mayor demanding the city clean up their yard because the couple are senior citizens. Madron said most of the council members are senior citizens, or close to it, and the city is not responsible for private property.

Everyone is responsible for their own yards and the city relies on volunteers like the council, their families and Hett for city property. And the council appreciates of the volunteers.

?Submitted by Joyce Buckland-Rohloff

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