Lincolnville firefighters benefit from ?live-burn? trailer

The training allowed firefighters to simulate search-and-rescue
patterns under conditions similar to a kitchen fire and a burning
mattress that led to a ?flashover.? Unlike conventional on-the-job
training, the trailer included multiple safety devices. Automatic
temperature-sensitive devices as well as instructors in the control
room and in the burn area could trigger a shutdown system that stops
the flow of propane and stops the fire immediately. Family members were
even invited to view the fires from inside the control room. Several
members of the class commented on how educational the training had
been, and participants seemed to enjoy the event. Kaiser said he plans
to bring the trailer back for his next class later this year.

Lester Kaisier, Lincolnville Fire Chief and course instructor, watches
as a members of a Fire Fighter 1 class enter a live-burn trailer during
a training session Sunday, March 11.