Kansas Sampler director to speak Nov. 29 at Marion City Library

Marci Penner, executive director of the Kansas Sam?pler Foundation in Inman, will be at Marion City Library, 101 Library St., beginning at 7 p.m. Nov. 29 to talk about the ?8 Wonders of Kansas? guidebook.

?Sit back and enjoy 216 of the best Kansas has to offer in architecture, art, commerce, cuisine, geography, history, customs and people,? Penner said about the new publication. ?Then go visit, because if you do, you?ll understand why Kansas is a state to love.?

In conjunction with the book discussion, the ?Grow Marion County Volunteer Task Force,? will use the 8 Wonders concept as a springboard for an 8 Wonders of Marion County Contest, said Jeanice Thomas, one of the coordinators.

?The contest is intended to help us celebrate what we recognize as outstanding here,? she said.

It will also help residents to look twice at what may be taken for granted.

?While some people might regard dragging Main Street as a deplorable teen habit,? she said, ?the 8 Wonders of Kansas cites the practice as a finalist in the customs category.?

The contest will officially launch Nov. 29 and continue through 2012.

The first stage of the competition asks for nominations within categories, Thomas said. The second phase of the contest will be a vote on the most often cited nominees.

?The winners of the competition will be listed on the county and the Kansas Sampler Foundation websites.

Penner added that everything fits into one of the eight categories and every area has a story to tell in each category.

In addition to discussing the new book, Penner will also be available for a reception and book signing party hosted by Gallery 101 of the Flint Hills, 106 E. Main St., following her talk.

Books are available at Thee Bookstore in Hillsboro and Jackrabbit Hollow in Peabody.

For more information about the event or contest, call Janet Marler at 620-382-2442 or Jan Davis at Gallery 101, 620-382-2622.

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