Hillsboro youth completes Alien Adventure in Hutch

Logan Janes graduated July 26 from the Alien Adventure program at the Kansas Cosmos?phere. Logan Janes of Hillsboro, child of Jennifer and Jedadiah Janes, graduated July 26 from the Alien Adventure program at the Kan?sas Cosmosphere and Space Center.

Logan will be entering fourth grade at Hillsboro Elementary School this fall.

Developed by Cosmosphere staff, Alien Adventure is a three-day camp with an overnight stay for students entering grades four and five.

Students investigate the nature of life on our planet and the possibility of life elsewhere. They observe the night sky using high power telescopes and experience shows in the Carey Dome Theatre, Justice Planet?arium and Dr. Goddard?s Lab.

Alien Adventure campers also explore the Hall of Space Museum. Each team is challenged to design and develop an alien life form and then present their concept at the graduation ceremony.

The Cosmosphere offers camp programs for students as young as those going into second grade and on through adults.

For more information about such programs, call 800-397-0330 or 620-662-2305, or visit cosmospherecamps.org.

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