Hillsboro council to secure emergency power source

The Hillsboro City Council approved at its March 2 meeting the purchase of a $13,565 package of resources that should enable the city to provide emergency power to the Scout House in Memorial Park in case of a tornado or high winds.

The Scout House, which has a fully encased concrete basement, serves as the city?s emergency operations center as well as a storm shelter for residents in the neighborhood.

City Administrator Larry Paine said the concern of the city?s safety committee was being able to supply power to the basement in case of a severe wind incident.

To address the issue, the council approved the purchase of an Electricraft generator for $8,900, a concrete bunker to store it in from Canton Enterprises for $3,095, three propane tanks from The Lumberyard for $600 to fuel the generator for up to 72 hours, and an estimated $1,000 for incidental costs related to the project.

Paine said the location of the generator will allow the city to quickly transfer power from the electric grid to on-site generation.

The council approved Mayor Delores Dalke?s appointments to two citizen boards: Alan Goldsby and Cynthia Fleming to the Community Planning and Development Board; and Tawnya Siebert to the Marion County Economic Development Council.

In other business, the council:

? recognized and commended City Clerk Jan Meisinger for earning the Master Municipal Clerk designation from the International Institute of Municipal Clerks. The MMC program is an advanced continuing-education program that prepares participants to perform more complex municipal duties.

? approved the purchase of a new backhoe for the city, using funding remaining from the recently completed sewer lagoon project. Because the purchase is government funded, specifications for the backhoe will have to be approved by the Rural Develop?ment Administration and the Kansas Department of Health and Environment before the purchase is finalized.

? deferred action, at Dalke?s request, on appointing volunteers to an ad hoc committee that will select, and pursue funding for, new playground equipment at Memorial Park.

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