Hillsboro council to replace old slide

The Hillsboro City Coun?cil at its June 2 meeting approved the purchase of a new slide to replace ?the old slipper slide? at Memorial Park.

Doug Sisk, recreation director, said the new slide will be 8 feet tall and 16 feet long and will be purchased from to Mir-?acle Recre?ation Equip?ment Co. for $7,648.

The action was taken in response to an accident with the old slide that injured a child. The parents did not request a financial settlement with the city, but did ask that the old slide be replaced, according to City Administrator Larry Paine.

Sisk said the old ?humpty? slide does not meet safety requirements for playgrounds. It does not have a transition zone of at least 2 feet from the top of the ladder to the slide, and the rails on the side of the slide are not tall enough.

The council voted unanimously to replace the old slide, but several expressed disappointment about losing a piece of equipment that has been a favorite of children for generations.

?I bet if you took a poll of the kids, most of them would want to keep it,? Coun?cilor Bob Watson said. ?I hate to replace the old one. My grandkids like it.?

The money for the new slide wil come out of the city?s Special Parks Fund.

Special meeting

The council met in a special meeting May 26. The first 30 minutes was an executive session regarding personnel. No action was taken when the public session resumed.

The only other agenda item was Paine?s report on the city?s Blue Cross Blue Shield health insurance plan. He said the cost of the plan will be increasing by 3.2 percent.

In lieu of the council?s decision not to raise the salaries of city workers, the council accepted Paine?s recommendation to add $500 to each employee?s plan to offset deduct?ibles, as was done a year ago.

The council approved the mayor?s appointment of Sisk and Annette Klamm to the Convention and Visitors Bureau.

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