Hillsboro Community Foundation is in need of funds

The Hillsboro Community Foundation (HCF) is reaching out to the public during these uncertain and difficult times to educate people on what they are doing to support local relief efforts and to invite the public to join in.

“HCF’s mission is to connect donors who care with causes that matter. I believe that this pandemic is such a critical cause in our community and must be addressed financially to ensure that our future is as strong or stronger as before,” said HCF Director Virginia Martens.

And the foundation isn’t just looking for donors. They need to know the needs that are out there.

“If any charitable organization has a need, we need them to reach out to us. We don’t always hear about who needs help unless maybe through the grapevine, but we need to hear officially from them,” said Martens.

Hillsboro Community Foundation established a Response Fund in February 2018 as a proactive measure to assure activation could be expedited in the event of a local disaster or crisis. The fund is used to support short and long-term recovery efforts in the event of a disaster or crisis that affects Hillsboro and its surrounding areas, such as the flood in 2019 or the current pandemic.

“During the present-day pandemic, HCF wants to make it known that the Response Fund is out there and how important it is for donors to contribute to it,” said Virginia Martens, HCF Director. She continues, “In most community crisis or disaster situations, financial resources are not always fully available.”

Martens and the board are asking the public to please consider supporting The HCF Community Relief Response Fund, an expendable (not endowed) fund, which will grant out awarded monies to local charities and qualifying non-profits engaging in direct response, service, education, and support in our community.

During each round of granting a local grant review committee recommends grants from the Community Relief Fund to charities that support neighbors with assistance.

Many think that the small Hillsboro community is sheltered and relatively safe, but HCF has already received various grant requests that reflect the urgent and immediate needs of the community.

“In the first round of granting we were able to meet two requests—one to FACT, Families and Communities Together, Inc., for food/groceries for Hillsboro families and the other to Main Street Ministries for food for the food bank. In the second round of grants, funds were awarded to the Hillsboro Senior Center for essential sanitary items and operations. The third round of granting just completed saw funds going to Marion County–for PPE for Hillsboro police and the fire department and Trinity Mennonite Church received a grant for essential sanitary items. In the final round United Methodist Church received funds for food for snack packs,” said Martens.

The official granting cycle has ended, but HCF will continue to award funds to needy causes through their board advisement.

The previous grants have nearly depleted the Relief Response Fund and there is a huge need for more funds.

Contributions may be made to the Hillsboro Community Relief Response Fund in two ways:

Use a credit card online at www.hcfoundationks.org/ or mail a check to HCF, PO Box 273, Hillsboro, KS, 67063.

Receipts will be provided for tax purposes.

Martens is available also by email at director@hcfoundationks.org or by phone at 620-947-0170.

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