Goessel to get new sign

The Goessel city council met on March 18 and discussed the Goessel sign near K-15 that identifies the city. The council had already been discussing replacing that sign for several months and had considered various options. They had obtained pictures and prices.

Council members have acknowledged that the current sign served the city well for many years. But it has faded and is no longer sturdy. It leaned over during the recent bad weather, and the lighting was damaged. The sign was surrounded by water from recent rain. The water had to subside before public works director Karen Dalke could get to the sign to straighten it temporarily. Now it needs to be replaced.

The council made a decision on a specific sign. It will be rock with the word Goessel in large letters and 1895, the year it was established, in smaller numbers. The sign itself will be from 2DOGS Concrete Designs, LLC of Potwin, Kansas, at a cost of $8,925. Additional costs will include concrete work and lighting.

Turning their attention to another matter, Dalke told the council that the city pumps have been running frequently since the groundwater is very high from recent rains. Water seeps into the sewer line because of numerous breaks and cracks, and that increases the amount of water running through the sewer line. Therefore, the lagoon ponds are full. The breaks and cracks will be fixed as part of the sewer project.

City clerk Jennifer Whitehead said that a pre-construction conference for the sewer project will be held early in April. It will involve the engineer, contractor, and the city. Specific plans need to be made, and an area needs to be designated for large equipment.

BG Consultants provided the engineering. At last month’s meeting, the council voted to hire K. C. Construction as the contractor for the construction work. Whitehead has been in conversation with the grant provider.

In other business, the council:

* voted to hire Inland Potable Water Services to clean the inside of the water tower for a cost of $2,950, which is more reasonable than bids from other companies. A diver will be sent into the tank to inspect it, clean, and fix it. The cost includes four hours of diver time. If there is a need for more than four hours of diver time, the additional cost will be $369 per hour. Inland Potable Water Services also did the work in 2014. Whitehead said the cost is in the budget. Dalke said water tanks should be cleaned every five years. A video and a written report will be provided to the city.

* discussed the Kansas Department of Health and Environment Drinking Water Protection Program, which is an optional program. It helps cities protect water sources and mitigate potential threats. It is meant to inform and educate communities about water quality issues so they will restore and protect water supplies.

* is looking into options for installing security cameras around town. Mayor Dave Schrag told the council about cameras that other towns have installed. Council member Evan Esau suggested various options for cameras.

* heard that Dalke is planning to have the mosquito fogger inspected in Salina on April 3. The inspection is required to be sure the water to chemical ratio from the machine is safe.

* discussed a very tall cell tower that U. S. Cellular wants to erect just outside of town near highway K-15.

* heard that Dalke had fixed a street sign.

* heard that streets had been graded.

* heard about work that had been done during the recent snow.

* heard that Dalke is working on replacing a culvert.

* heard that required water and nitrate samples had been sent for testing.

* listened to a report from council member Duane Adrian about work he was doing on the city’s back hoe.

* talked about straw bales by the gas station.