Goessel sign to be replaced after council decision

The Goessel city council met on April 15 and discussed the Goessel sign near K-15. The old sign served the city well for many years but has faded and nearly blew over in recent wind. The sign has now been removed, and the space is being prepared for a new sign.

A business in Potwin, Kansas, called 2DOGS Concrete Designs, LLC is making the new sign. It will be rock with the word Goessel in large letters and 1895, the year the city was established, in smaller numbers. The cost will be $8,925, plus additional costs of concrete work and lighting.

Turning their attention to another matter, city clerk Jennifer Whitehead told the council that a pre-construction meeting for the sewer project will be held in late May. Plans are for the project to begin late in July and hopefully be done by the end of the year.

In other business, the council:

* heard that public works director Karen Dalke took care of a plugged line between two of the lagoon ponds.

* talked about wind generators in the county. Mayor Dave Schrag noted low sound vibration that can cause people to be sick. He also noted that wind generators can interfere with television and cell phone reception. Councilor Evan Esau commented, “It’s something to be concerned about.” It was noted that the Marion County Board of Zoning Appeals scheduled a hearing about additional wind generator installation in the county.

* had heard of plans for a 195-foot cell tower to be constructed on Duane Unruh’s property outside city limits near K-15. It is not on city property, and the city is not involved in that project.

* heard that Dalke had removed some dead trees behind the fence at the city building.

* heard about plans for cleaning and repairing the water tower. Repairs could take longer than the original four hours that had been included in the initial $2,950 cost estimate. Therefore, the council approved up to four more hours for repairs, at a cost of $369 per hour. Inland Potable Water Services will do the work. The water tank was last cleaned in 2014. It was noted that water tanks should be cleaned every five years.

* discussed possibilities for offering residents incentives for cleaning up their yards, noting especially tree limbs and tire disposal. It was mentioned that unused tires collect water and provide breeding areas for mosquitos.

* heard from Dean Snelling that someone had dumped tree branches on the road at the burn site. Residents are reminded that they need to dump at the appropriate place, not on the road.

* heard the police report from Anthony Voth. He had issued two warnings for speed and had checked a false alarm at a city business.

* discussed the need for an additional police officer.

* discussed the plans of a business for adding on to the warehouse near the Goessel Station. The council discussed required setbacks.

* noted that water for irrigation has been turned on at the baseball diamonds, and the restrooms have been cleaned. The Goessel Recreation Commission will be responsible for maintenance at the ball diamonds during baseball season.

* discussed a slow-moving vehicle sign for the city’s lawn mower.

* heard a reminder that packets for re-election are due to the county by June 6. Candidates need to either obtain signatures or pay a fee.

* approved the month’s expenditures of $32,241.00

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