Goessel Sewer Project Begins

The Goessel city council met on October 21 and heard from public works director Karen Dalke that the sewer project has begun. Work on the project actually began that day, starting with “point repairs,” digging up and replacing piping. After that, work on “relining” the lines can begin. K. C. Construction is the contractor for the construction work.

The council had voted in February to hire K. C. Construction for the sewer project, for a total of $1,785,552.03. Brian Foster, vice president of BG Consultants, has been working with Goessel on the project. Foster informed the council in earlier communication that BG Consultants, Inc. has worked with K. C. Construction on several sewer projects in the past.

The description of the sewer project plan includes two and a half pages of specific documentation for the project. Sewer mains, pipes, and taps are listed, as well as man holes, lift station improvements, additional repair work, and desludging.

Turning their attention to another matter, the council discussed the city park and play equipment for very young children. At an earlier meeting, council member Evan Esau had mentioned the need for such equipment. The council has discussed options for play equipment and possibilities for where to place it. City Clerk Jennifer Whitehead said that most grant cycles have closed for the year. She will look into grant options at the beginning of next year.

In other business, the council:

* heard from Dalke that she had finished rock work around the new Goessel sign that has been erected by K-15.

* heard that the city park will be winterized.

* discussed employee benefits in executive session but had nothing to report in open session. No motions or decisions were made.

* had decided at an earlier meeting to hire FE Moran Security to install security cameras at various places in town. Dustin Holt from FE Moral Security had come to an earlier meeting, and the council is hoping to have him come to another meeting to discuss details and make a decision on specific equipment.

* noted at an earlier meeting that there had been a leak near the Ratzlaff Draperies building, which is close to the post office on Main Street. New concrete has not been poured yet where digging needed to occur. The area needs to settle for a while before it can be repaved. After it has settled, the city will repave that area. At that time, the city will seek bids for the project.

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