Goessel receives funding for sewer project

City Clerk Jennifer Whitehead informed the Goessel City Council during its April 16 meeting that temporary financing has now been awarded for the sewer project.

Rose Mary Saunders of Ranson Financial had talked with the council during its Feb. 20 meeting about temporary notes and interim financing. Saunders, White­head and Public Works Director Karen Dalke traveled to Salina to accept the grant contract Feb. 21.

Dalke said she had been working with BG Consulting the previous week and the current week in preparation for the sewer project. Dalke has already done 38 locates for them.

Dalke said Mayer Specialty had been in town to check the sewer line by Bethesda Home and the creek.

Dog ordinance

The council spent a considerable time discussing dogs and possibly a new dog ordinance. The town has an issue with dogs running “at large.” Some of those dogs make people in town feel threatened. On the day of the meeting, three dogs had been loose and had caused issues.

It was noted that dog fees have not changed for a number of years. The council discussed amending parts of the current dog code to bring it up-to-date regarding dog-at-large fines, license fees and a definition for potentially dangerous and vicious dogs.

City Attorney Josh Boehm, had attended the March council meeting and discussed dog issues with the council at that time.

The council discussed various fines and fees, but did not make a decision at this meeting. They will discuss the matter again.

Other business

In other business, the council:

◼ heard Dalke and White­head had attended the Kan­sas Rural Water Associ­ation conference in March. Dalke earned points for her water certification for the next two years. Whitehead also earned points for her certified municipal clerk designation.

◼ heard that parks had been opened in preparation for track season, noting that lots of people are coming into town for track meets. However, Dalke said with temperatures down to 16 degrees, she had to winterize the parks again.

◼ heard that Dalke had ordered new faucets for the city park. The faucets will shut off automatically.

◼ noted that outdoor drinking fountains are expensive to maintain, and it is hard to find replacement parts.

◼ talked about plumbing issues at the ball park.

◼ heard that weed killer and paint had been ordered. Lines by the grocery store have been painted.

◼ heard that Dalke had planted grass seed.

◼ heard that Kaufman Trenching will be coming to town to do more trenching for fiber optic lines.

◼ heard a police report from Anthony Voth. Three verbal warnings for speed had been issued. Nuisance vehicles had been identified, and owners had moved the vehicles. A bike was found at the museum. Mayor Dave Schrag said, “It’s good having you here, glad you’re doing this.”

◼ noted that Ben Steketee will be the building inspector.

◼ noted that Russell Groves is no longer interested in plots at the Harvest Meadows housing development. However, Tony Clark might still be interested.

Schrag reminded the council that all of the utilities, streets and street lights are already done in the development.

“We’ve already paid the first 10 years of the specials,” he said. Councilor Evan Esau suggested listing the lots on various sites on the Internet.

◼ heard that Westar is installing new LED street lights that are brighter and more energy efficient.

◼ briefly discussed the need for someone to be in the city office during office hours when Whitehead needs to be gone to conferences, meetings and other duties.

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