Goessel receives $73,000 Westar grant for solar panels

Westar Energy announced Friday that it has awarded USD 411-Goessel a grant worth $73,000 to install 40 solar panels on the elementary school grounds.

The Solar Voltaic Grant will create a 10-kilowatt system and will save between $100 to $200 a month in electricity, according to Superin?tendent John Fast.

?I am so excited that this grant, while initially delayed, is being awarded to Goessel, USD 411,? Fast said. ?Thank-you to all the staff who helped to contribute different portions of this grant.?

The district had applied for the grant a year ago but did not get any information, Fast said.

?They were going as far as they could go with the resources they had on this project,? he said. ?They had enough that they were able to able to reward this to us.?

The district will be working with the King Solar company based in Hutchinson when installation begins.

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