Goessel preparing for state bicycle group

The Goessel City Council heard plans for the Bike Across Kansas group during its April 20 meeting.

The riders will be in Goessel June 10 and will spend the afternoon and night in Goessel. They will be traveling from Sterling that day and will go on to Council Grove the next day.

Denise Duerksen, who is on the BAK board, told the council the group would travel from the Colorado border to the Missouri border in 71/2 days.

Mayor Dave Schrag said people will be coming from 36 states and two countries.

?I?m really excited about it,? he said.

Ages of the bicyclists range from 9 to 85. Schrag said this is summer vacation for some of them.

Duerksen said the community will have a chance to visit with the riders.

Various community, church and school groups will provide meals for the bicyclists. Schrag mentioned the potential positive economic impact for the city.

?We really encourage you? to get acquainted, Duerksen said. She added that some people will sleep inside, while some will sleep in tents.

Councilor Larry Linde?man asked about plans in case of bad weather.

?We always have a plan,? Duerksen responded.

Someone goes ahead of the group and finds out where the storm shelters are located.

?We pay attention to the weather,? she said.

Duerksen and Schrag are looking into regulations for hosting a beer garden for the bike riders?it would be a private party.

Turning its attention to another matter, the council discussed the city?s baseball diamond. Karen Dalke, public works director, described problems with the drinking fountain there.

When some on the council questioned responsibilities at the ball diamond, the council reviewed the written agreement between the council and the Goessel Recreation Commission.

The agreement, signed by the GRC and the council, was dated Nov. 19, 2012.

It listed the following responsibilities of the GRC: paying the electric bill and water bill; cleaning the building at the baseball diamond, and purchasing cleaning supplies and paper products from May through July.

The GRC also will find people to run the concessions. It is responsible for scheduling reservations for the building during May through July.

The agreement states that the city is responsible for reservations during the other months of the year, as well as purchasing cleaning supplies and paper products during those months.

The city also is responsible for maintaining the building and the water and sewer lines to the building.

The city also provides insurance on the building.

The council briefly mentioned the possibility of drilling a well at the baseball diamonds.

Other business

In other business, the council:

? listened to City Clerk Jennifer Whitehead?s information that outgoing council member Jim Wiens was on the city council for more than 20 years. Schrag expressed appreciation for Wiens?s work on the council, especially noting his recycling efforts.

Dalke said Wiens helped with water leaks and other issues.

?He was always there,? she said.

Schrag installed Jeff Boese as Wiens? successor.

? wished to remind the public that Styrofoam products, including Styrofoam ice chests, are not allowed in the recycling bins.

? wished to remind the public that cardboard boxes need to be broken down for the recycling bins.

? heard of dog and cat complaints. Residents are reminded they should call the city police with dog and cat issues; the city clerk and public works department are not designated to deal with animal issues.

? heard that Dalke has been scraping and painting bridges.

? encouraged city residents to clean up their properties in preparation for the BAK group and Threshing Days.

? considered a petition from residents who would like to have chickens in town. The city has an ordinance that bans chickens. The council decided to table the issue until the next meeting.

? heard of moisture issues in the city library. Schrag said a commercial grade dehumidifier is needed. He said sometimes the humidity is up to 80 percent.

Dalke mentioned the painting and carpet projects in the city offices and library.

?It was a lot of work, and we all worked together,? she said. She commended the library staff for its hard work in completing the project.

? listened to reports of vandalism at the city park, specifically rhe tube and volleyball net. The council heard reports of youth sitting on the net. Councilor Larry Schmidt said the park needs a good volleyball net for Threshing Days. Dalke said it would cost $300.

? decided to get ?Chil?dren at Play? signs for some intersections.

? briefly discussed possibilities for the north part of State Street. Councilor Rollin Schmidt said the culverts have to be done first.

? heard that the corner of Buller and Main needs a new culvert.

? heard the city?s road grader and lawn mower had been fixed.

? heard the public works department has been doing lots of mowing

? heard the police department had responded to an accident in town.

? heard the city needs a scraper for streets. It would be pulled behind the city?s tractor and would help eliminate ?washboards.?

? briefly discussed the sheds that are owned by the city.

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