Goessel may check residential sump-pump violations

The Goessel City Council, in response to recent sewer issues, reminded the public at its May 11 meeting that sump pumps cannot drain into the city sewer system.

?It is against (Kansas Depart?ment of Health and Environ?ment) law to pump sump-pump water into the sewer,? Public Works Director Karen Dickerson told the council.

She recommended the city send a letter to all residents about the matter. Dickerson said KDHE recommends that cities should inspect every house to be sure everyone is in compliance.

When Dickerson asked who will inspect the homes, the council discussed various possibilities.

Councilor Larry Lindeman asked, ?What do you do if the second homeowner bought their house without knowing that everything was encased in concrete??

Joe Base, who splits his time between public works and police work, responded, ?The pump itself has to be accessible. There are simple ways to re-route it.?

Dickerson recommended a one-way valve on the sewer line.

Councilor Jim Wiens reminded the council that downspouts should not be routed to the city sewer system either.

Dickerson had called Kaufman Trenching for help with sewer problems because of recent rain. Kaufman Trench?ing expressed concern about clear water running into the sewer system, which indicated the possibility of sump-pump water in the city?s system.

Dickerson told the council she recently had to use the sewer machine to open the pipes of one lagoon. But the other two lagoons seemed to be fine.

As an annual formality, the council approved the following reappointments: Bob Brookens as attorney, Bryson Mills as judge, Base as police chief, Anita Goertzen as city clerk, Paula Flaming as court clerk and Donna Cook as treasurer.

In other business, the council:

n heard Base report that the police department had issued multiple equipment warnings and filed three suspicious-vehicle reports. They had responded to one building alarm, one drug case, one theft case and one criminal threat case. One person had been finger-printed for a job application. The Goessel police assisted the Marion County Sheriff?s Office with a search and also with a vehicle in the ditch.

n heard that Base and Junior Guerrero had attended taser training. Base was recertified, and Guerrero was certified.

n heard that the Dodge Intrepid police car the city recently purchased from North Newton had been tagged and insured and is now ready for use. Base will do the stenciling.

n heard that Councilor Larry Schmidt, while painting at the city park, had found some rotted wood because of water damage. He told the council that water drips from the vent pipe in one of the restrooms. Dickerson said a plumber had been called recently to unplug the stools at the park.

n heard that a loose dog with no tag had been taken to the pound at Hillsboro recently.

n approved an increase from 3 percent to 5 percent for the cable company. The agreement lasts for 20 years.

n followed the attorney?s advice and voted to survey B Road, which is the narrow one-block street a block to the south of Main Street.

n discussed installation of a meter for water service at the new well that is in the planning stages. Dickerson had been to a water class the previous week and learned that new rules govern such installations.

She informed the council, ?We know we have to have an engineer.?

She said class teachers recommended obtaining four bids. Wiens said an engineer?s work will cost $10,000, which will be in addition to the $20,000 for the hole and pump. Dickerson added that a meter will cost $680.

n briefly discussed the four lots the city purchased along the west side of the baseball diamonds.

?We have no way to access sidewalks from the parking lot,? Schmidt said. Goertzen will check on the plans for access.

n gave Dickerson permission to purchase a fire extinguisher. Her opinion is that every city vehicle should have a fire extinguisher, including the patrol car.

n heard from Dickerson that the city?s dump truck needs a new starter.

n discussed purchasing a vest for all city employees and city council members so they can be easily identified in case of emergencies. The council decided to get 12 vests.

n decided to pay the city clerk a small amount every month for use of her personal cell phone for city business when she is away from the office.

n briefly discussed a house that needs to be torn down.

n heard from Flaming about recent computer problems that have been fixed.

n entered into three executive sessions to discuss use of city equipment, sewer issues and personnel issues.

Nothing was reported to the public following any of these sessions.

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