Goessel leaders express concern about loose dogs

The Goessel City Council discussed during its Nov. 16 meeting the matter of dogs from outside of town coming into the city limits.

The city has received multiple complaints about such dogs running loose in Goessel. Dog owners are reminded that any dog in town are regulated by the rules of the city. They are not allowed to run loose.

Water rates

The council discussed water rates, but took no action. It was noted that the cost of producing water goes up every year. Also, the current water fund would not cover the cost of a water system breakdown.

The council looked at information regarding loans and grants. The city has been warned that grants will not be available unless the rates are raised; Goessel?s rates are too low.

City Clerk Jennifer White?head had prepared information with various water rates some time ago. The council decided not to raise rates at that time.

The council reviewed rates again at the November meeting. Figures showed that Goessel?s rates are significantly below the state average. Goessel?s minimum rate is $9.85 for up to 1,000 gallons, then $2.91 for every 1,000 gallons thereafter.

The rate for using the minimum plus 5,000 gallons is $21.09, whereas the state average for that same amount is $36.50.

Noting that the state average goes up every year, it was pointed out that Goessel is farther behind each year. Comparisons showed that Goessel?s rates would still be well below the state average, even if they were 5 to 7 percent higher.

A 5 percent increase would mean a raise of 80 cents per month for the minimum plus 5,000 gallon amount. A 7 percent raise would mean a raise of $1.05 a month for the minimum plus 5,000 gallon amount.

Councilor Jeff Boese wondered if the 5 or 7 percent proposal would raise rates high enough and was told that no, the rates would still not be high enough; one reason the rates need to be raised is to cover expenses.

Mayor Dave Schrag said, ?This year we had a shortfall.?

The council decided to study the issue further.

Fees review

The council received information showing that the sewer fee and the sewer maintenance fee also need to be raised. The sewer maintenance cleaning fund is expected to have a $1,285 deficit this year. Therefore, the suggestion was to raise the sewer fee by 57 cents a month and the sewer maintenance fee by 25 cents.

Trash rates also were mentioned. According to the agreement with Waste Connections, the trash rate automatically increases by 30 cents every year.

The current rate for a 60-gallon trash cart is $11.10 per month.

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