Goessel council updated on recycling

The Goessel City Council heard at its Oct. 21 meeting that the Marion County recycling program was nearly ready to begin operation.

The council discussed details for making a smooth transition from Goering Enterprise to the county?s program. Members expressed appreciation for Goering Enterprise?s service and the county?s new program.

Councilor Larry Schmidt said the current bin, owned by Goering Enterprise, is emptied on Wednesdays. However, the county?s bin would be smaller and will need to be emptied more often.

The council discussed the issue of unacceptable items that have been dumped in the recycling bins: pots and pans, Styrofoam, diapers, a radio, computer monitor and 2-by-4 lumber.

?I don?t know where the lumber?s coming from,? Schmidt said.

The public should note that none of the items listed above are acceptable. Also, some people have been leaving items on the ground when the bin is full, even though City Clerk Anita Goertzen said she put up a sign asking people not to leave their items on the ground.

Refurbishing manholes

The council voted to start refurbishing the manholes.

Karen Dalke, public works director, said some sewer lines have been cleaned recently. She showed pictures of the lines and explained the infiltration that was obvious at certain places.

The pictures also showed tree roots in some private taps. Dalke said the sewer line had been plugged between Cedar Street and the bridge, and a leak was discovered in the manhole at the junior high football practice field.

Dalke said the old brick manholes are deteriorating. She found a foot of mud in one manhole.

?There?s no tile left,? she said.

Councilor Dean Snelling noticed ?some of the mortar is just gone.?

Dalke said: ?I would like to start to rehab the manholes that need to be rehabbed.?

A few manholes had been refurbished some years ago, and those still ?look brand new,? she said.

Mayor Dave Schrag said Nine years have passed since those manholes were refurbished.

Dalke explained the process. ?If we start now, it?s going to save us in the long run,? she said.

The cost is $125 a vertical foot.

Other business

In other business, the council:

? reviewed a proposed agreement with the school for sewer line maintenance, considering the school?s construction/remodeling project.

The city would be responsible for routine sewer maintenance, but the school would be responsible for emergency cleaning or repair. The school would pay for expenses beyond the city?s routine responsibility.

? heard the police had issued three tickets for speeding and three verbal warnings for speed.

? heard that the park has been winterized.

? discussed the baseball diamond concession building.

?There?s no heat in that building,? Dalke said. She has already winterized it.

The council discussed problems Dalke had discovered in the mechanical room of that building.

? voted to clean the water tower. Dalke said that Kan?sas Department of Health and Environment recommends that water towers be cleaned every four or five years.

Inland Portable Service would be willing to clean Goessel?s tower for $1,800 if it can be done when they are in the area to clean Hills?boro?s water tower.

Goessel paid $2,960 the last time the tower was cleaned, and it is time to clean it again. It was built in 2002.

? decided to proceed with digging a test well, pending approval from the land owner.

Peterson Irrigation Corp. of Lindsborg submitted the lowest bid at $4,055. Schrag said Peterson ?knows quite a bit about the area because he?s done a lot of drilling around here.?

? voted to replace three well house doors.

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