Goessel council updated on county?s recycling progress

The Goessel City Council was updated on recycling by Coun?cilor Larry Schmidt during its July 15 meeting.

Schmidt had met with county personnel and said Goessel would be included in the county recycling plan. The county?s recycling Dumpster would be half as big as Goessel?s current Dumpster, so Schmidt will call the county when the Dumpster is full. The county will get the full Dumpster and leave an empty one.

The council noted that those who recycle will need to take care to only put the correct materials into the recycling Dumpster. Schmidt said sometimes he finds trash in the Dumpster; trash is not allowed.

Schmidt said the new arrangement with the county may not start until September. Therefore, the city will still need donations to cover the cost of recycling for July and August. Because recycling is already assessed on the tax bill, it was stated that those who recycle at Goessel have been paying twice for recycling?through donations for the current recycling program and also through the county tax assessment plan.

Schmidt told the council, ?We had four tons (of recyclables) in less than a month,? calling that a considerable amount of trash that stayed out of the landfill.

The council noted that Schmidt spends one and a half to two days working at the recycling Dumpster, plus two hours every Thursday evening.

The council voted to pay Schmidt for eight hours of work per week for recycling. Previously, he had been paid for only two hours a week.

On another matter, residents were advised that two individuals had been selling books for children in other towns in the area. A permit is required to sell within the city of Goessel. Residents are encouraged to ask to see the permit if anyone wishes to sell to them.

Other business

In other business, the council:

? voted to install a culvert at Main and Summit streets. Councilor Jim Wiens said a culvert at that location would make that area safer for parking.

Mayor Dave Schrag said, ?I?d love to see that done. It?s been a problem for a long time.?

Wiens mentioned the deep ditch and the danger of someone falling when exiting a parked vehicle.

?We do have problems with flooding right there,? said Public Works Director Karen Dalke. She added that in addition to the culvert, a semi load of dirt, plus rock, would be needed there.

? decided to have the fall city-wide garage sale Sept. 28.

? decided to designate Saturday, Oct. 5, as city-wide clean-up day, with curb-side trash pick-up available.

? discussed the city?s weed ordinance, which states weeds cannot be more than 12 inches tall; properties must be mowed. City Attorney Marilyn Wilder is working with city personnel to update the ordinance.

? heard that Court Clerk Paula Flaming planned to attend a Marion County pictometry meeting in Marion. The meeting would include the Marion County mapping department, city clerks, 911 and law enforcement personnel.

? heard that the police department had issued one stop-sign warning, two tickets for speeding 50 mph in a 30 mph zone, one ticket for no insurance, and two verbal warnings for speed.

? briefly discussed a crack in the city sewer main. Goering Hardware worked to fix the problem.

? heard plans for securing the benches at the city park so they cannot be tipped over. Also heard of the need for more new picnic tables at the park.

? decided to set discharge dates and times on a yearly basis regarding Fourth of July fireworks. The matter will be discussed and decided next year.

Schrag said residents were confused about this year?s discharge dates and expressed regret that local and county law enforcement personnel had not been informed that the council had extended the discharge dates.

? heard of the plan to install hand dryers in the city park restrooms. The dryers will eliminate the need for paper towels, and therefore reduce the potential for vandalism in the restrooms.

? heard about an accident at the city cemetery across from the city building. A driver lost control of a vehicle and crashed through the fence. The fence was damaged, as well as two headstones and a tree. The tree might have to be removed. The city is gathering information on repair expenses.

? heard that Wilder recommended a hearing about condemning the property at 207 West Main Street. The hearing was scheduled for the Sept. 16 city council meeting. The owner of the house and lending company will be notified.

? briefly discussed the 2014 budget. Deputy City Clerk Paula Flaming said the mill levy will not increase.

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